Thursday, May 31, 2007

I hate spam

I hate spam. Really hate spam. It used to be no big deal. Sure, I would get plenty but I would just empty the whole bulk folder at once and be done. Now because sometimes Ebay spits one the bulk for no particular reason, I have to be careful what I trash. I am talking about 200-300 everyday in my bulk folder and another 10-15 that make it into my inbox.

Yahoo has one of the worst reputations for spamming. I want to get an address through my domain hosting, but I haven't figured out how to set up my SMTP correctly.

I am tired of being asked if I want a bigger penis.

Or if I want to meet local busty black singles.

Or if I like Coke or Pepsi better.

Or being teasingly offered a $1000 gift card to Victoria Secret only to find out I need to sell my soul to get it.

Do you seriously think that I am going to respond to an email from my refinancing counselor at a bank I have never heard of?

Or that I believe that I really won the Australian Lottery?

I don't want to get a student loan.

Or tell you if I like Letterman or Leno better.

And stop inviting me to be your MySpace friend, when I don't even have a MySpace page.

Oh, and seriously? Stop with the spams that are titled "Read This".

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The one with a new store!

So I've decided I need to make blogging more of a priority in my life. Lately I have been feeling so lazy about it. Like it is going to take sooooooooooo much energy and time to keep up my blog. But I need it. It is important in keeping up my life. You know, MY life.

Anyway, I have a domain name now. And I am setting up a Wordpress blog.

The domain is for my bath and body business. Which is slowly going.

Check it out at Anyone who mentions that they read about my store on my blog can get FREE SHIPPING on any order of $10 or more.

Currently I only have an Ebay store, so you have to have an ebay account. But in the next year I want to set up my online store. Also next year is my goal to start craft shows. More about what has been going on with this later.

I miss all my peeps. You know who you are!! I just found my bestest favoritest blogger friend again today. She closed her blog last year while I was on hiatus and was SOOOOOOOO upset. That has made my day.

Memorial Day weelend was fun. We planned a big bonfire party that 4 people showed up for! We have issues with people showing up to our parties. But the bonfire was fun. And Gabriel, Mark, and I camped in the back yard Saturday night. It was fun but I am still hurting from sleeping on the ground. We will invest in a queen or king size air bed, insead of the twin we have, and we plan on doing this often this summer. We have a great big yard that is completely secluded in the woods. Perfect for camping.

Got to get something else done now. Love you all!!