Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weigh In Wednesday - week 2

Ok I know that it is Thursday. But I felt so guilty for not coming on to post for Wednesday.

I have gained back the pound from last week. But I am not too worried. I am sick instead. Sitting on the couch in a ball with my head a-pounding.

Here is my exercise schedule from last week:
Thursday: Slim DVD
Friday: nothing - took care of sick hubby and kids
Saturday: nothing - felt sick myself and hubby still sick in bed
Sunday: nothing
Monday: Slim DVD
Tuesday: Grocery shopping, 25 minutes on the treadmill
Wednesday: nothing - came down with the cold hubby had over the weekend. Don't have the energy to go up and down the stairs.

I haven't been real steady with the exercise or diet with all that was going on. Plus the pound I got back could just be muscle weight. I am noticing a difference in more muscle control and tone wince I started exercising again.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The one with mud - part 2

I am coming out of hibernation. And so is everything else. I saw my first snake today. I knew that living in the country would bring animals of all sorts. But I still had palpitations staring at it 50 feet away from behind a glass door. It was just a little green grass snake, but nothing makes me scream like a little girl like snakes do.

Spring is in full swing. For a while the driveway had actually started to dry out and firm up. But after 2 days of spring storms, it is pretty mushy again. I went to town yesterday morning and sunk my car in mud up to the frame.

Today is beautiful however. 70's. Gorgeous. Everyone is in shorts. I had better adjust to my midwest lifestyle or I will DIE when it starts getting in the 90's. This house doesn't have AC yet. It WILL get it this summer.

We were sick over the weekend. I have been kind of lazy with the internet. I had people who needed me. It only seemed to be a 24-48 hour cold. Nothing terrible.

Paypal is frustrating me to no end.
Well, them and my bank. OK, get this. Gabriel and I have each accounts in our names. We are both secondaries on each account. So we both can access all of them, but some our "mine" and some are "his".
When Gabriel called in to change our address, they assured him that ALL addresses for ALL accounts where updated. But I couldn't validate my credit card with my new address through Paypal.
So I called them up again on the 16th. The lady was super nice and said that the accounts in my name hadn't been changed but she updated them for me. I waited and tried every day last week to update via Paypal. Nothing. Friday the 23rd I got a confirmation letter in the mail dated the 19th, stating that my address had officially been updated. Still nothing with Paypal.
Just a few minutes ago (mind you this is 7 business days after I called) I STILL can't get Paypal to recognize my new billing address for my credit card. I don't know what to do, but it is pissing me off.
I am waiting to update my billing address so that I can get a Paypal debit card. They make them out automatically to your credit card's billing address. I want to get my web hosting, domain name, crafting supplies, and some other stuff but I want to use my Paypal balance and these places don't just accept Paypal.


I did get some of my crafting supplies on Ebay, though. So maybe starting in the next week or 2 I will get them up for sale.

The webhosting and domain name is really holding me up. I just might go ahead and use my bank or credit card funds, instead of Paypal's balance. I hate to, but I am not going to wait forever!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Answers to Thursday Thirteen Movie Trivia Edition

1 Terminator 2
2 The Princess Bride
3 Ocean's Eleven
4 Independence Day
5 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
6 The Green Mile
7 Austin Powers
8 Honey, I shrunk the kids
9 Indiana Jones and the last crusade
10 Jurassic Park
11 The Karate Kid
12 MIB
13 Pretty Woman

Thursday, March 22, 2007

If you're curious....

I don't know if there is a buzz about Curious George in your house, but he is all the rage here. Mark LOVES Curious George. I think more so than Elmo now. If Curious George does it, Mark does it.
I don't truly believe that CG is a monkey. He has no tail so he is an ape. But that is another story.

Mark has CG color books, but he won't color by himself. He wants others (ME) to color with him. I get so sick of coloring CG brown brown brown brown and the man in the yellow hat yellow yellow yellow yellow. SO I start getting creative.I mean it isn't the color that makes the monkey, right? All I'm saying is that sometimes in life you need an orange monkey holding a blue bunny next to a red snail on purple grass.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thursday Thurteen #16

Thirteen Movie Quotes. See if you can guess all 13.

1. "Hasta la vista, baby."

2. "That Vizzini, he can *fuss*."
"Fuss, fuss... I think he like to scream at *us*."
"Probably he means no *harm*."
"He's really very short on *charm*."
"You have a great gift for rhyme."
"Yes, yes, some of the time."
"Enough of that! Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?"
"If there are, we all be dead!"
"No more rhymes now, I mean it!"
"Anybody want a peanut? "

3. "Cause the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes. The house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, then you take the house."
"Been practicing this speech, haven't you?"
"Little bit. Did I rush it? Felt I rushed it."
"No, it was good, I liked it."

4. "Y'know, this was supposed to be my weekend off, but noooo. You got me out here draggin' your heavy ass through the burnin' desert with your dreadlocks stickin' out the back of my parachute. You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad... and what the hell is that smell? I could've been at a barbecue!"

5. "If I'm not back in five minutes...just wait longer!"

6. "I tried to take it back, Boss."

7. "My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15 year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims, like he invented the question mark. Sometimes, he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy - the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring, we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds. Pretty standard, really."

8. "We're now a quarter of an inch tall, and sixty four feet from the house. That's an equivalent of three-point-two miles. That's a long way. Even for a man of science."

9. "Please, what does it always mean, this... this "Junior"?"
"That's his name. [pointing] Henry Jones ...Junior."
"I like "Indiana.""
"We named the *dog* Indiana. "

10. "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs..."
"Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth..."

11. "Karate come from China, sixteenth century, called te, "hand." Hundred year later, Miyagi ancestor bring to Okinawa, call *kara*-te, "empty hand."
"I thought it came from Buddhist temples and stuff like that."
"You too much TV."

12. "1500 years ago, everybody "knew" that the earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody "knew" that the earth was flat. And 15 minutes ago, you "knew" that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll "know" tomorrow."

13. "How much for the entire night?"
"Stay here? You couldn't afford it."
"Try me."
"300 dollars."
"Done! Thank you. Now we can relax."

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Weigh In Wednesday - week 1

So Leigh and I decided that we are going to hold ourselves accountable with our weight loss efforts by honestly posting about it every Wednesday. Feel free to join us, by leaving a post on your blog. This is for encouragement and support, not some stupid meme.

This week I lost 1 lb. That isn't much but I have been the same weight for months now. And finally I have put some effort into it and lost some. I am going to be honest and tell you all. I weigh 189 lbs. I know some of you are going to say "you don't look like you weight that much". Well, have ya noticed that there aren't any pictures of my body on the blog, just my head. There ya go.

My plan is to do my Slim in 6 DVD 5 days a week. (It is supposed to be 6 days a week but I know better than to expect that every Saturday will get a full work out.) And try to get on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes on the weekends.

So far this week I have done my Slim in 6 everyday. My thighs are not thanking me. "OMG woman, you made us move for 25 minutes continuously." Today is better than yesterday though as my tone is building a little. I forgot how good exercising feels. How you can get that high after you have had a really good workout.

So don't forget to go give Leigh some encouragement. And feel free to join us by posting honestly about your weight loss efforts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The one with some quizes.

Found these over at Almost Somewhat Positive.

Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.
You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.
You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don't get stuck in bad thinking patterns.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).

You Are 28% Lady

You tend to make up your rules of etiquette, throwing all conventions aside.
And while you try to be a lady (sometimes), your behavior is often quite shocking.

You Are 35% Normal

You sure do march to your own beat...
But you're so weird, people wonder if it's a beat at all
You think on a totally different wavelength
And it's often a chore to get people to understand you

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

Apparently I am not very normal. I guess my husband won that $5.

Thanks everyone for cheering me up. I guess it was PMS or something.

Leigh, I will see you tomorrow. We have a date, girl.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The one with swearing

Mommy is being a bitch today. Cranky. Crabby. Feeling the need to go take a baseball bat to a tree. Warning: I feel like swearing. Alot.

I tried using her new slim in 6 DVD, but the DVD rom that CAME with the laptop needs a driver play DVDs. Not just some DVDs, all DVDs.

And I can't use the DVD player with the TV, because the TV is right outside the kid's upstairs. And Abby just went down for a nap. Finally.

As a side note, I did get to use the TV upstairs after I put Mark down for a nap. The workout was hard and felt great, but I can safely say that was the high point of my day.

I can't get the Fucking fire started. The fire is usually out when we get up in the morning. Most mornings I scoop ashes, bring in some kindling and newspaper, and light a new fire. It can take from 20 minutes to a few hours to start, depending how wet and cured the wood is. It is a quarter to four in the afternoon and I can't get paper to take.

I woke up stiff and sore. Not hung over sore. Creak-in-the-neck-that-won't-go-away-even-with-Advil-sore.

I haven't emptied the dishwasher yet. The dishes are piled everywhere in the kitchen.

I have piles of clothes all over the floor that Mark won't leave alone. Laundry is my *favorite* chore.

I forgot to start new listings on Sunday night for E-bay, so my whole rhythm is off.

I need a shower.

I snap at the kids for breathing too loud.

Mark won't listen.

I can't get the kids to take a nap at the same time for the life of me.

I just want silence.

I just want 5 minutes for myself.

I keep bouncing back and forth between needing to scream my lungs out and needing to cry.

Or scream, "Shut the Fuck up already will you!" FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.

On a side note I did finish my period yesterday. So maybe this is PMS.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feel the Need to Relax?

Go get some coffee and some creamer, put the kiddies to bed, and chill. After all who can resist free stuff???

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen scents I am considering for making soap.
I would like every one to choose their favorite 3 (or more) to help me decide which to use.

1. Cucumber Aloe

2. Hawaiian Rain

3. Juniper Breeze

4. Mulberry

5. Pearberry

6. Blueberry

7. Lavendar

8. Blackberry Vanilla

9. Ginger Lime

10. Clean Cotton

11. Coconut

12. Raspberry Patchouli

13. Lemon Grass

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The one with mud

So right now the weather can't decide if it is spring, winter, or anything in between. Our new driveway is somewhere around a 1/4 mile long, through the woods, and is one and a half feet deep with mud. I can't go anywhere, no one can get in. My husband took the trunk into work. If I have to have any kind of medical attention, I have to call an ambulance and THEY will only be able to drive half way up our driveway before they would have to hike the rest of the way.

On a similar note, Abby is feeling tons better! She had a pulled muscle and her hip needed to be adjusted. She didn't have any broken bones or dislocations. But she was pretty miserable for 3 or 4 days. I am just so glad that she is getting better. I was so afraid that she would be 14 and have to tell her friends, "Sorry, I can't go rollerskating I feel off the couch as a baby."

It is a cold and dreary day today. Dark and forbearing.

We finally cleaned out a spot of semi opened boxes to put up my treadmill. Hopefully that will help with some weight loss, because I have been feeling very cow like. Not even retail therapy or window shopping for something other than the yucky stained tees I own helps. I just look at clothes and feel discussed because my huge mommy belly pooch just hangs out. I bought the Beachbody Slim in 6 kit yesterday. You know, the one that you see on paid programming. I know I probably won't lose 45 lbs and go from a size 20 to a size 4 like everyone else they show. But some aerobic exercise to the abs can't hurt, right?

Monday, March 12, 2007

And let the semi-annual kick in the groin commence...

Oh how I hate you, Daylight Savings Time!
I always think that you are going to work in my favor.
You whisper hope of children sleeping in.
Or ME sleeping in.
Or ME staying up late.
Of convenient nap times.
Of a chance to slowly merge dinner time.
Of being able to catch that sitcom rerun I have been dying to watch.

And what do you bring me?
Children who jump on their bed at 9 PM when their bedtime is 7 PM.
Children who demand to get up to eat breakfast at 5:30 AM when breakfast is at 8 AM.
Grief because I changed every clock but the VCR, so when I stayed up to relax and watch some Will & Grace until 10 PM, I found it to be 11 PM in my bedroom.
Grief because for some unknown reason the guys with suits decided you come early.
Grief because I only remembered that at 11:30 the night before.

And what do you "save"?
I haven't a clue.
Not daylight, because unbelievably their is always the same amount at daylight whether or not we decide to cal right now 3 or 4 or 8 or 11.
Great because now instead of getting up for the day just as the sun is rising, I have to get up when it is pitch black and turn on a bunch of lights.

And if you are anything like my bank, you make a deposit in the spring, a withdrawal in the fall, and have made enough in interest to pay the tax on a Big Mac.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The one with a few complants

Ok, I must admit that the new "BETA" *over exaggerated finger quotes* isn't as bad as I imagined. In fact it has it's good qualities. You still have your access to HTML and the convenience of the widgets.

But I HATE the way the literally FORCE you to switch. The last time that I logged in the old blogger system there was a warning in font this big stating that the next time I log in my blog will be converted to the Beta system. Thanks. No choice. No way out of it.


Abby is acting a little better today, but she still won't stand on her left leg. It is weird. She will sit up, lean way over to get toys, kick, and even get up on her knees. But she wants nothing to do with any pushing or pulling with her leg straight. Anywho, she has an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon. He specializes in little kids.

I love this new theme. It is like coffee meets chocolate. Only my 2 favorite things in the whole wide world.

I have been trying to find all the pictures we have of the new house, but I think they are on Gabriel's work laptop. I will try to remember to transfer them tonight when he gets home. This will have to do . It is only the view from the back yard .

Thursday, March 08, 2007

There isn't enough coffee in the world.

OMG, we are accident prone this morning I am afraid to move.

First, Mark, Abby, and I were watching Sesame Street this morning when Abby rolled off the couch. Luckily she landed on her butt, but her left leg was curled underneath her. She hurt her hip some how, and doesn't want to put pressure on it or pull her knee up to her belly on any way. Side to side is fine but up and down is no good. I called my husband and we are watching it to see if it is better this afternoon. I feel so bad. I feel like I broke her. If her leg moves the wrong way, she just looks at me and whimpers like, "Mama, it HURTS!". She is taking a nap now, so hopefully resting it will help.

Second, I was stoking the fire (because a wood burning fireplace is our primary heat source, people, how cool is that?) when a rather large log freakishly falls over and clunks Mark on the head. I am sure it got bumped by either me or Mark, but now I have 2 babies on my lap crying in pain.

Third, We are taking a break watching TV upstairs just trying to get everyone to calm down and take it easy. When Mark tumbles down the whole flight of stairs. He is EXCELLENT on stairs. This is only the second stair accident ever for him.

In conclusion, Mark is OK but might have some bumps/bruises that show up later. Abby is sleeping now and we shall see how she is this afternoon. And I think we all need to stay in bed the rest of the day to avoid further injury.

On a different note, my Britta pitcher works great. I heart my new pitcher. I can now drink water again.

Also, as a warning, I am making plans to move this blog to Wordpress as soon as I can decide on a domain name. I am thinking about something like I want it to be home for my mommy blog, my growing Ebay-selling which has upcoming plans for homemade soap, rice heating bags and other homemade stuff, and home for any web design I might (not necessarily in the near future) have. Any good ideas?? I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The one with water that goes clunk

I have been doing alot on Ebay. I have made a lot of money selling garage sale type stuff that was hanging arround the house. It is great because I have a little money of my own to buy what ever I want (from Ebay of course). And not feel guilty.

Plus, I admit it, it is really fun to have things come in the mail.

Today I got my Britta water pitcher. Hopefully that will make the water tolerable. We have hard water here. Like, you turn on the faucet and it goes clunk. We have a new style of water softener that doesn't use salt. Instead it uses magnets to remove the iron and ionizes the calcium to prevent it from caking to pipes and everything else. But the calcium, ect is still there and so the water doesn't taste the best. Think lake water. OK, it isn't THAT bad. But I don't like to drink water in the first place. So any unpleasantness and you can forget about it.

I am soaking the filter and setting up the pitcher now. I will let you know how it goes. Does anyone else have a Britta filter or pitcher??

In my new house we have a DISHWASHER!! GASP! I have dreamed of a dishwasher. The dishes (GASP!) get washed EVERY night. Plus I don't have to stand there for hours to do them. I want to kiss whoever invented dishwashers right now.

And the previous owners left a bread maker. So I (in all my domestic goddessness) make a loaf of fresh bread every morning.

I really do love my new house.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Look! Here I am...

OMG, it has been forever since I have blogged. It has been so hard to squeak out 5 minutes just to shower, let alone write a post or do any designing. Life with the munchkins has been crazy. Abby is now 7 1/2 months, and eats and sits up and has teeth and says "Da-da". Mark is now 2 ( so I can't say anymore that I have 2 under 2!) and all of a sudden so independent.

We love our new house. It is so nice to be closer that Gabriel's office. He actually sees the kids now. AND has time to play with them. That makes him happy. The kids took the move really well. Mark hasn't even mentioned the old house once. I will get pictures up sometime in the next year or so....

I really want to get back into the swing of blogging. I miss my friends. I miss having any time or anything to myself.

I hate my first post in many moons to be a whiny one, but I am going nuts not having a moment where someone isn't ask me for something, crying, or needing their butt wiped.

But the way that also means that bring sexy back has feel by the wayside . And I haven't lost any more weight. Ugh.

Here's hoping that I can (gasp) blog daily again!