Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things That I am Sooo Tired of Hearing From Random Strangers.

I am admittedly VERY pregnant. My C-section is July 26, and that is the latest that Abby can be born. But Mark was born 3 days short of 37 weeks, which would be this Sunday...
But I am so sick of being stopped on my way to the public bathroom to hear this...

1. Wow! Your huge!
Thanks, lady.

2. When are you due?
July 26. (As I am trying to hurry past to avoid another question.)

3. Is it twins?
No, I am just that fat.

4. Do you know what it is?
It sure ain't an owl.

5. What are you going to name it?
I have never met you before, what is this 20 questions??

6. Is this your first?

7. Boy, you look tired!!
Thanks for the news flash.

8. Oh, your so cute! My daughter just had a baby 6 years ago.
*silence with maybe a nod*

9. Why do you need a C-section?
Would you like my whole medical history? Give me you home address and I will mail you a report.

10. Are you going to have any more?
I don't know... Seriously WHO ARE YOU???

11. You don't look like you need a C-section.
First, I didn't know you were a DR. Second, I wasn't aware that you could tell a person needed a C-section by just looking at them.

12. Your kids sure are spaced closely.
Again, thanks for the news flash. Who made you an expert???

13. Boy, your son is cute! Do you think that this one will be as cute?

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Darla said...

LOL, I know what you mean. You'd think people would be able to come up with something original to say, wouldn't you?

My 1st was born two weeks early, so I was so certain my second would be, too. I was so tired of being pregnant by that time, I spent the day I was 38 weeks bawling my eyes out.

Good luck!

The Red Queen said...

Good luck with everything and may your family all be richly blessed with the new addition unless of course you ahve an owl because then you will just be rich.

sunshine scribe said...

That was one of the funniest posts you've ever written. Glad you still have your sense of humour intact during those last few uncomfortable weeks.

Kendra said...

I love it!!! I have 10 weeks left and I just don't understand why people say these things! My favorite is, "Is it twins? No. Are you sure? You should get that checked becase you are huge!" I mean come on would you really walk up to some stranger and say you very very fat maybe you should get that checked out. NO.

Stacy said...

It doesn't surprise me at all what people will say. I have the opposite, I can't have children and you wouldn't believe the things that family, friends and total strangers have said to me on that subject. I've had people act like it was my fault and said some really hurtful things. People just do not think.

On a happy note - congratulations! Hope everything goes well, and your Abby is here soon, safe and sound. Our newest niece is Abigail, also called Abby, she's a little doll. I'm sure yours will be also - congrats!

Beck said...

People say the stupidest things to pregnant women. Best of luck to you!

Missi said...

Yes, people say the stupidist things to pg women. I always got the "you sure it isn't twins" thing. The next most annoying one was "So, do you know what caused it now?" (I do have 5). Yes, thank you and apparenlty I am good at it! Was my response.

Good luck to you! I know this is the hardest time for you right now! Keep your feet up!

Thanks for visiting my TT today!

Christine said...

Good Luck! I know what you mean. My son was due the 3 of July,he was 10 days late. I was so tired of being pregnant, lets not talk about weight. Congratulations! I agree it's good you have a sense of humor. Abby is such a sweet name! Happy Thursday!

Amy The Black said...

You are so right. I seriously considered just printing a T-shirt with the basic information on it: Due Date, Sex, etc. I also didn't like strangers touching my belly.

Keltybug said...

I hated hearing all of those when I was pregnant. I also hated when complete strangers patted my tummy.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Glamorous Redneck said...

Oh my goodness! Some people just have no tact anymore! Make yourself a T-shirt with the answers to all those questions on it. Then you can just point at it whenever you get asked. And you can pick any finger you want to. ;)

Leigh said...

Okay, those are some intrusive questions. No. 13 is really funny though. Who on earth would say their kid wasn't going to be cute.

Michelle said...

Wow.. the last one sure is weird. Soon enough those questions will be moved on to "is the baby sleeping through the night?", "are you nursing?", "is the baby a good eater?" etc. Fun!
My TT i sup.

Carmen said...

I don't think they mean anything, if it helps you. When I say stupid stuff like that, I'm just trying to relate, no matter how ungraceful. :) You must be so excited with the big day coming so fast!

MysteriousLady said...

Hoping you have a wonderful easy birth! My daughter in law is trying right now! Wouldn't ya know they put the epidural in wrong and had to take it out. She just looked at me and said,"Shoot me now if they can't get it back in!". LOL!
She's doing fine despite that.
I have to run back to the hospital!

Happy TT!

Eagle Lover said...

Well, is it a boy or a girl?? And what are you naming him/her?
Just kidding. I hope all goes well the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond.

YellowRose said...

The questions drove me nuts, but what drove me batty was when strangers came and patted my belly!!! HELLO!!!

Happy Thursday!

Great Day said...

love, love, love the 20 questions game. When I was only 6 months pregnant there was this lady in the office next door to mine. At least once a week she would ask me if I'd had the baby yet.

There I am standing in front of her, big as a house and not having been gone at all.

What do you think lady? No I haven't had the baby yet. For 12 weeks, every week she would as if I'd had the baby yet.

No matter how many times I told her "I'll let you know when I do" she kept asking and asking!! GRRRR

good luck with everything, I know she will be beautiful!

Damselfly said...

"It ain't an owl." All of your comebacks are so funny!

You are really good at this Thirteen business.

AuntieM said...

Pregnancy is another life unto itself. You sound like you are doing fine. My prayers go ahead to your delivery.

My TT is up...& happy TT.


How can people be so rude and so tactless.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tess said...

I guffawed at the owl comment. you poor thing. get some rest! :)

Gail Martin said...

What jerks! Good luck with the new baby.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Gotta love those days of pregnancy and with a new baby where everyone is an expert and think they have a right to your personal information--another favorite of mine is when someone asks late in the game if I am dilating or not--little bit personal, Just brush it off and move on, who cares what they think! Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy0303 said...

Those questions are so funny yet true! Hey, my birthday is July 26th!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Oh - some of those were so funny. Well - I know they aren't funny to you right now....

did some one really ask the last one?!?

Wenchy said...

I loved the "you don't look like you need a c-section" bit. LOL

What a stupid thing to say.

wenders said...

Sigh. People are so insane. I'd have a hard time not responding to the first one "Wow, you're so RUDE". Which may cut off the rest of the questions...

Hang in there, kiddo! :)

Wenchy said...

Just saying hello!

Fidget said...

i miss you! I hope you are holding that sweet baby in your arms soon!

Survivin said...

Funny how perfect strangers will think it's perfectly ok to comment on your current state or even want to touch you. When I was pregnant with my son a woman in the grocery store just reached out and touched my belly. I was horrified.

Miracles & Dreams said...

Have not seen you post for a bit, hope all is well.... You are so close now to holding you DD in your arms.

update when you can.

HeatherJ said...

Why is it everyone has to point out how huge you are when you are 9 months pregnant, do they think you don't notice?

Hope this last week and a half fly by for you.

Wenchy said...

Hope you ok.