Monday, June 18, 2007

Update your blogrolls people!!


I have finally moved to Wordpress after almost a year of threats. I have also changed my blog name. It has been Expressions of Love for almost 4 years through 2 blogging platforms. Not anymore.

I am also changing my user/IM names for the first time since I have become active on-line. I used to be daniels_mommy04 or any variation of that. It paid homage to my first baby that was a still born. It is now A-Country-Mom.

My new blog is A Country Mom Can Survive. Bookmark me!!

For those who have it, my email address is the same. At least until I can get my F**** server to work. :T


Damselfly said...

Guilty as charged. I haven't updated my blogroll in several months.

Marz said...

got it!

Shari said...

Sorry you were having trouble - what a pit!