Friday, June 09, 2006

Everyone out of the way!!!!

Mama's got to go to the bathroom. That means you, and yes if you don't move it now I will knock you right over and not come to kiss you boo-boo until after I am done. Let's move it people!!!!

Ah, the thrills of worrying that you might really leave a flash flood behind.

Repeat every fifteen minutes. It makes for an interesting day, especially on days like yesterday where I consume a half a watermelon on my own.

Looking for even more fun, you say????
Wake up at 2:30am for the same reason, only add taking a good minute to get out of bed and being so out of it that you hit the wall twice and every door frame on the way there.
It is a good thing that my boys are both heavy sleepers.


Now for the pimping. Fidget, my lovely tenant this week has a really beautiful post today about her daughter who has autism. Please go read and leave her a nice comment, will you? Just click on the thumbnail, you know what to do.
edit as of 5:00pm :
Now she has been attacked for her post via an e-mail accusing her of causing her daughter's autism. She really could use your support!!


Fidget said...

Thanks for your support. this came out of left field and left my jaw hanging open. A local mom I know who's son is also autistic suffered teh same kind of attack a month or so ago. It's ridiculous how poeple will just pour hate out into the world

chelle said...

hehe the woes of the pressure on the bladder!!! Not much longer!

I cannot BELIEVE someone would send another an email like that!! Geez that person is the evil one!

HeatherJ said...

I can't believe someone would be so cruel to Fidget.

I remember those days of the weakened bladder. Exactly two years ago I was where you are now, waiting for Aly to be born.

Not to much longer.

mommy on the verge said...

Go to Costo, go buy Depends in bulk and then you don't have to knock your head silly in the hallway!

Undercover Angel said...

That is so mean that someone would send her an email like that! They think that my son Tiger may have autism now, and I'm so glad to have a blog like fidget's to look to when I don't know which end is up.

As per the bladder - I know the feeling. My kids think it's funny when they know I have to go, to run into the bathroom ahead of me. I bet they won't think it's so funny if they ever have to clean up a puddle of the floor as a result of their big joke!

Marz said...

Awww... I remember those days, going to the bathroom every 15 minutes, lol.