Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just stuff to talk about between good friends

Hello All! I miss you and love you and hate when my life gets so busy with everyday stuff.

I don't know what was up with the commenting on my last TT. All I did was re-publish my post and the comment link worked fine. It was rather disappointing becasue TT is when I get the most comments and when new bloggers come across my site.

The 2 long posts below are just blogrolls that I was to get off my sidebar. I want to go back to one sidebar in my next layout and I have too much stuff . The nice thing about posting with Blogger is that each has it's own URL. So I can literally make my blog as many web pages as I want. I am just pleased about that. I don't have to make separate web pages.

Yesterday I barely even got on-line because I was trying hard to be productive and get things done. *Whimper* I missed it. And I was rather cranky without my ME time.

I printed off the invites for our block party and will finish mailing them today. It will be July 1. I have finished most of planning for kid's activities and food. Now I have to got out and buy all the supplies. * Again with the whimpering*

Later today I have to go out and try to weed the garden before Gabriel tills it up. No, we still haven't planted the vege garden yet. I told Gabriel that if it didn't get tilled up and rowed for me to plant by this weekend, I wasn't going to have a garden. We both have been busy and been putting it off. I guess no garden wouldn't be the worst thing. Less work for big, uncomfortable me in the hot sun.

That is about all in updates. I know you all have been begging for a picture of Mark. Soon. I promise. I never think about it until I am blogging and then he is taking a nap.And I am terrible about taking pictures off the camera in a timely fashion.



chelle said...

The block party sounds like so much fun!!!

Melany aka Supermom said...

I agree..that block party is going to be fun.
I'm on the other side when it comes to photos... I take loads and download them immediately lol

Marz said...

We missed you over th past few days. Glad to know that you're just busy.

I can't believe you're taking in upon yourself to orginize a block party! That's awesome!! Good for you!! Sounds like it will be fun.