Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things That Made Me Smile Recently and one thing that didn't

1. Watching Mark walk arround the yard, picking mature dandilions by the head, and trying to figure out where the fluff goes when he opens his hand.

2. Sitting in the grass while Mark collects leaves from various plants and weeds and brings them to me.

3. Having him run back to me empty-handed just to give me a big hug.

4. Seeing all the things in bloom finally.

5. Weather warm enough to walk out onto the deck barefoot and in shorts.

6. A warm summer breeze.

7. Watermelon. Seedless. Enough said.

8. Chelle's new theme. I love it. It's just beautiful.

9. Letting Mark sit in the toy truck cart at the grocery store. He sat buckled in front steering the wheel the whole time. I could hear him going, Vroom, Vroom, Beep, Beep.

10. Taking naps at noon while Mark takes his. I don't know if I would be conscious by 3:00 if I didn't.

11. Frim, juicy, sweet red grapes. The kind you can eat until you get sick. It is rare to find such good grapes in the store.

12. Having a clean kitchen, even if it is a pain in my butt to get it that way. I love it when the counter are clear.

13. My husband.

And the bad #1. The reason I didn't visit any of you yesterday, didn't post, didn't even get to check my e-mail. We need a new junction box. Our phone line is broken. It is working now but who knows how long that will last. We had no dial-tone yesterday. And when it would try to tone, it would crackle and go out again. Gabriel checked the junction box and determined that it is the wires outside the house and our providers problem. So now we wait for them to fix it. Hopefully we won't loose dial-tone again. We have cell phones, so it isn't emergencies I am worried about. Dial-up doesn't work without a dial-tone.

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