Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen movies that I am dying to see, in no particular order.

We don't get to movies in the theater, so we wait for them on DVD.

1. Memoirs of a Geshia

2. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

3. Hoodwinked

4. In Her Shoes

5. Cinderella Man

6. The 5 People You Meet in Heaven

7. Jarhead

8. The Chronicles of Narnia

9. X-Men: The Last Stand (yes I know this one is still in theaters *whimper*)

10. The Village

11. Rumor Has It

12. Walk the Line

13. The Break Up (Again, I know. Not on DVD.)

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Lori said...

In Her Shoes is a great movie! Rumor Has It is cute, too. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan said...

I loved Chronicles and Walk the Line. I also want to see Hoodwinked and In Her Shoes.

My TT is up here.

Trish said...

Loved Jarhead. Didn't think I would - but the hubby and son are both into the whole military thing (cadets) so I was dragged.. and LOVED it. Also want to see Memoirs of a Geisha. Read the book. Awesome read.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Reverberate58 said...

My book club is currently reading Memoirs of a Geshia so I really want to see the movie once we are done.

Star Wars was good. I have a copy of Narnia still haven't watched it.

The Village was very good!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Mary said...

I want to see 1,4,8,11,12,13. (Yeah, I'm sad and don't watch many movies - too busy!)

My list is up too!

Kris in Tn said...

Have see and recommend the following:

Village - awesome movie!
Walk the Line
Chronicles of Narnia
Memoirs of the Geisha
Star Wars
Cinderella Man - another great movie!

My dh did NOT like Jarhead - said it was a waste of time ... only his opinion, of course!

Ardice said...

I've seen all of these but #s 4,11, 12 and 13.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Thursday. Be Well...

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Thanks for visiting my TT today! #2, #5, and #9 are okay. I was so dissapointed with #2 especially. Narnia is awesome! You must see it! I can't wait to see #13 and I have Walk the Line, borrowed from my mom, but haven't found time to see it yet. I just have to make time. Have a great day!

eph2810 said...

Great list - I have to say. I have seen some of them. I really enjoyed Walk the Line and Jarheads. Not so fond of the last Star Wars though - we say it in the movie theater and my hubby went to sleep a couple of time - Yikes.
Thanks for stopping by this morning :)

chelle said...

Great list! I so need to spend more time consuming movies and pop culture!

kaye said...

I love Narnia!Forgot to post that on my TT.My list is about movies that i truly love.But ive got more for sure and Narnia is one of them.

mar said...

I love movies but the last one I saw at a cinema was Brokeback Mountain... should change into dvd's! happy friday, couldn't get through yesterday. Blogger wasn't being cooperative :(

Karen said...

I hope you get some time to see all those! :) I saw The Break-Up last night actually and it was good. If you have ever fought with your husband and wanted him to read your mind about something, then you will love it! :)P.S. Love your site too...
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Glamorous Redneck said...

I finally saw Narnia just a couple of weeks ago. So GOOD! Also want to see pretty much all the movies you've listed except for Jarhead and 5 people you meet in heaven. I don't do sad sad movies & I've heard nothing good about Jarhead from my friends that have seen it. But let me know if you disagree!

Wenchy said...

In Her Shoes.... awesome movie!

Cityslicker Mom said...

Geisha and Walk the line are AWESOME. you must see them!

Happy0303 said...

A movie? I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in the theatre. Oh yeah, I think it was Shrek (the first one). We have most of those movies on your list on DVD at home but I just can't seem to find 2 hours to myself. Oh well . . .

Leigh said...

We've rented a few of these: Memoirs of a Geisha; In Her Shoes; Cinderella Man; Narnia; X-Men (saw last weekend); and The Village.

By far, I lived Narnia and Cinderella Man the best.