Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Explained

I feel a need to explain myself after my TT list. I am going through nesting and am stocking up for winter apparrantly.

1…. 8 boxes of Raison Bran. No, I don't neccessarily feel the need for Raison Bran. I am supposed to eat it after my C-section because it is major surgery. For regulation. There are worse things that my DR could tell me to eat.

2. 3 mega packs of size 3 Luvs. I just want to make sure I won't have to run out quick for diapers for either kid for awhile. I am not neccessarily in love with Luvs (no pun, hehe). I use Huggies and Pampers too, and Pampers actually happen to be my favorites. I am the queen of coupons on top of sales. :D

3. 4 bottles of Ocean Spray. Again for after the surgery to help prevent UTI. I know TMI, but that is the reason.

4. 4 4lb bags of sugar. I can and freeze fruit. Alot of fruit. We are talking 45 lbs of strawberries, 3 bushels of peaches, 3 bushels of pears, 3 bushels of applesauce, 40 lbs of blueberries and 30 lbs of cherries. Plus I have a rhubarb plant that I use to make punch concentrate. All that uses sugar, and I will be buying more of it yet this summer. Plus, you need sugar to make Kool-aid (see below).

5. Brand new baby bath. My last one was a hand me down and it broke.

6. A baby sling. I bought a carrier for Mark but want to try a sling this time. Everyone tells me you can't live without one. Plus, I need something to help free up at least one hand. :)

7. Shampoo, Conditionor, Q-Tips, Toothpaste, and Lip Balm. Duh! Need this stuff on hand if I am not feeling like running arround for them every week with a newborn and a 18 mo old toddler.

8. Pretsel Goldfish, Cheese-its, and Teddy Grahams. Snacks for me and hubby while in the hospital.

9. 30 packets of Kool-aid. Actually this was just to re-fill my favorite flavors in my stock. The first time I bought this year I got 110 packets. I make it with half the sugar and it helps me get all my fluids. I can't stand just water. If it were just plain water that I could drink and nothing else, I would never get my 8+ a day.

10. New shoes for Mark. His current shoes were size 4. The next closest size I could find in anything was a size 5 1/2. He looks so cute in tennis shoes! My baby's feet and everything else are growing so quickly!!

11. 2 packages of Double Stuffed Oreos. Cravings. Enough said. Hey, I eat them with a lot of milk...

12. 2 5qt buckets of ice cream, one mint chocolate chip and one cookies and cream. I want to again make sure that there is some on hand (especially in summer) so I don't have to run out. Besides it was on a great sale.

13. 3 Reese's Fast Break candy bars. Mmm, my favorites.


Wenchy said...

I have never frozen fruit.

Fidget said...

I want to learn how to can stuff! We had a garden here for a year but with teh soil PH so screwy it was hard to make it work. We grew strawberries liek crazy but we mostly ate them the day they riped, right off of the plants. I want to grow blueberries but The HUbster says NO, we'll become bird central LOL

Mommy off the Record said...

Mint chip and cookies are cream are my two favorite ice cream flavors!

sunshine scribe said...

There is never a need to explain purchases relating to sugar :)

You are my kind of nester :)