Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good-bye...But don't go far!

I can never remember when My tenant's rent is up. I am TERRIBLE that way. First thing this morning, I brought my own blog up to see if her thumbnail was still up and it was. Whew, I have time to still give a farewell post. Not. Within a half hour I got the e-mail saying the whole thing was up. It was over. She was gone. NOOOOOOOO. Fidget, I am so sorry.

So can you please make it up by going over and saying HI?!? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee. IF you haven't visited her site already, do so. I guarrantee that she is the stuff Blogrolls are made of.


Fidget said...

aww thanks for letting me crap up your side bar this week, I had fun. You have some awesome readers!

Iccle Anne said...

OK granted I don't think I left a comment on Fidgets site, but I did pop by at the start. Nice site, and she's been added to my bookmarks now. Try to leave a comment when I next pop by