Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The one with dead deer

So Thanksgiving (observed) went really well. The food was all great. There was no momentous family drama. Eat, drink, be merry, fall asleep on couch by 6 pm.

On the other hand my belly bulge is not thanking me.

Saturday began the hell known as hunting season. Amongst Gabriel, his brother and his Gramps, four deer were bagged opening weekend. This is astounding since they are used to hunting for the 2 weeks and getting 1 or 2 tiny deer on closing day.

Gabriel really enjoys hunting, and I am glad for him. Hunting with his Gramps has been something he has done since he was big enough to walk throw the brush on drives. And since Gramps has congestive heart failure, it is good time for them to spend together.

But holy hell, hunting season sucks. It means that Gabriel is gone for work hours and all extra daylight hours including weekends. It means that there is meat that needs to be butchered and frozen. There are a lot of gross things I do, but deer butchering has got to be the worst. I got out of it last year because I was pregnant and so stinkin nauseous anyway.

Plus, I really don't like venison that much. I would die for real beef. I admit venison is very, very lean meat. And the chance of eating a diseased animal is far less than even a cow. And when you use venison hamburger in any casserole or hamburger helper, you can't taste the difference. But steaks and roasts always have that gamy taste. And I am always reminded that we shouldn't buy meat when we already a freezer full. Ugh. I think it is a I-am-man-I-drag-home-dead-animal-to-provide-for-my-family thing.

That is about all. We are just trying to recover from the over tiredness of the holidays. Everyone needs naps here. Everyone....


chelle said...

mmmm dear chili Ooo that is so my favorite meal ... once again I am homesick :(

Ew ew ew you have to butcher it!??! The men do that where we come from...you kill it you clean it! Same goes for fish ... always regretted catching fish!

Marz said...

I'm not much for venison meat myself.
While I don't have a problem with hunting, my animal loving me doesn't want anything to do with a bloody carcass.
By the time I get it I want it to be called either steak, ground ..... , ham, bacon, ribs or whatever the heck it may be called, lol!

Glamorous Redneck said...

Thankfully the hubs doesn't do deer hunting much. Which I love because I HATE venison, and hate the thought of killing Bambi. Those freaking wild turkeys on the other hand. . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Damselfly said...

Oh, yes, the great Thanksgiving hunting tradition. My dad and his brothers used to go hunting this time every year. One year my sister ate some venison that was left out in the kitchen. She put ketchup on it and ate it without knowing what it was.