Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The one with stress

Too much crap to do.

Not enough time.

Would have enough time if infant would stop screaming her head at a deafening volume just to her herself.

Or if toddler would stop trying to get into everything.

Was there a weekend?

I think I am having a stress break down this morning.

I am having 16 people over for Thanksgiving on Sunday. (yeah, I know. Not Thanksgiving. But we have deer hunters here. Thanksgiving is just a day they get off of work for hunting.)

That is actually NOT a cause of stress for me.

Nor is the cleaning of the house.

Or cooking.

Or menu planning or grocery shopping.

It is the kiddies that live with me who aren't allowing me to do ANY of it.

I would love just one hour for me. Just one hour.

It is 3 pm and I just realized all I had for breakfast or lunch was 2 cups of coffee.

Boiling pasta roni now.

Why doesn't life take time outs?? Wouldn't that be handy??????????????

As a side note...
My brother is now back in the state and having his charge hearing this afternoon. My mom wants me to try to find out on-line where his car is because 1) he won't talk to her, and 2) she is the co-signer on his loan. Lovely.


Momma Bee said...

Ugh, stress is the worst, and it seems to be going around! Hope you can get that hour soon...I don't know how you do it with 2!!

Glamorous Redneck said...

16 people? How about this: I'll take the 16 people, and trade for my dysfunctional family. Hubs parents, his youngest brother, my (divorced) parents, and my brother. C'mon! Entertainment is a sure thing! :)