Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Things that I need help with this week because mama's having brain farts.

1)Should my main blog stay at blogger or move to wordpress?

2)Where are there good tutorials or info on CSS?

3)Where are there good tutorials for using Paint Shop Pro?

4)If I am making turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry for Thanksgiving, what should my fourth or even fifth side dish(es) be?

5)What is a good moisturizing non-greasy lotion?

6)Do I keep my highlights or go back to my natural dark brown?

7)This is a big one. Do I grow my hair out again or get a different short cut? (It pretty much looks the same as it did in my profile pic.)

8)Do you know any In-A-Jar recipes I can use for Christmas, like Cookie-Mix-In-A-Jar or Soup-Mix-In-A-Jar?

9)What does one buy "the boss", in this case Gabriel's new bosses, for Christmas?

10)What DO I do with all that left over Halloween candy?

11)Does my sidebar look too crowded now? I tried to thin it out.

12)Is ot better?

13)Does this blog make me look fat?


Neurotic Mom said...

I suffer from permanent brain fart, i've been thinking of changing my hair to blonde

Anonymous said...

1. i don't know the difference
2. no idea
3. no idea
4. you seem to be lacking veggies/salad. maybe a veggie cassorole you could make up ahead of time, just re-heat?
5. i only use ponds, i have very sensitive skin
6. lose the highlights, maybe get party ones for christmas
7. i've actually grown mine out recently, it's just past my shoulder length, i'm going to leave it until christmas but cut it into a short bob for the new year
8. yup, i'll try and leave the link,
9. a nice bottle of wine? or scotch? or whatever he drinks?
10. i'm eating all of my leftovers, so if you don't want it, you can sent it to me
11. ummm, ummmm, ummmm
12. not a clue, i'm about to lose my blogroll and bookmark everybody instead
13. no, you look FABULOUS!!!

Colleen said...

I have brain farts so often it's not funny. I say change your hair back to dark brown. I finally did that and i love it!

happy TT!

eve said...

1)definitely wordpress :-)


3)my favorite is

4)peas! :-) I mix them in the mashed potatoes!

5)I like Jergen dry skin formula

6)go green :-) No, whatever makes you most confortable

7)no idea, I am bad at these kind of decisions! :-)

8)none, sorry

9)maybe a desk name plate thing...

10)eat it!!

11)looked good to me

12)I get more from blogrolling, but I dont really know which is better.

13)LOL, nope

Janet said...

#10: Give it to your hubby to take to work!

#11: I've used bloglines for quite some time now and like it alot

Sorry I can't help with the rest!

Diana Peterfreund said...

For number four, I always like haricort vert (i.e., fresh string beans).

Tug said...

4. Green Bean casserole
5. Mary Kay oil control lotion
7. HATE the "growing out" stage
12. I like don't have to "ping", do anything at all.

Bubba said...

#4: Gotta have the green bean casserole. Also missing the ambrosia (fruit cocktail with cool whip).

And no, this blog does NOT make you look fat! =)

Happy TT!

ribbiticus said...

haha! things that make you go hmmmm indeed! my tt's up! ;)

Shoshana said...

Great questions! When you find out, share with me. :)

My T13 is up here.

amy said...

I am so tired and type my answers but I am deciding if I should go to wordpress as well. Everyone is loving it and i love your blog..

Mine is up! Please stop by to vote for our daughters name!!!

Anonymous said...

if you find the answer to 2, let me know!!

5 - I have a loreal one called happyderm. Absolutely brilliant and dries straight away. No greasy feel at all. I hate that!

Happy TT!

Jane said...

I am about fed up with blogger myself but don't know enough to know who to change to.
Try adding a green vegie and maybe some kind of salad to your menu.
Thanks for visiting my T13.

The Imperfect Christian said...

1) WordPress ROCKS!!

2) I dunno.

3) Dunno that either, sorry!

4) Must have rolls or biscuits, and what about green bean casserole??

5) I love the Dove products. No grease.

6) Highlights rock. I do mine on my own.

7) I like mine short, but long rocks too.

8) I don't, but I can find them, if you really want them.

9) A gift certificate to a restaurant.

10) Eat it, you know you wanna!

11) Looks straight to me, but I've been known to be crooked.

12) It depends. Blogrolling will keep a LIST of the blogs you read and let you know when they're updated, then you go to that site to read the blog. BlogLINES you can read the updated blog right in bloglines and dont' have to visit the blog itself.

13) You look mah'velous dahling! Simply mah'velous!

And what part of Central WI are you in??? I live there too!

MommyBa said...

1)We have pretty much the same "dilemma"
2)Hope you can share the links you'll be able to get.
3)No idea being a Photoshop user
4)i think a salad or vegetable dish would be a fine addition
5)I use Jergens for dry skin formula
6)Maybe you can go back to your hair color and then change the highlights. I think that would be a cool change for you.
7)Maybe you can cut it a bit short 8)no idea
9)no idea as well :(
10)Hmmm, eat it and share with family.
11)It's all right.
12)I use Blogrolling
13)I don't think so.

Happy Thursday!

Jennifer said...

#10-you eat it of course...#13-no, the blog looks great on you...
#5 I used to like Clinique, but it was getting expensive, now I like Oil of Olay sensative but works..

happy TT!
Jenny in Ca

Annie said...

4) green bean casserole or corn pudding are a couple good, traditional veggie sides!

5) I use a cocoa butter lotion and find it not too greasy.

9+10) I have no suggestion for a present for him, but you question 10 made me think of presents I do for those I don't know that well but like getting something for them anyway (like hairdresser, extended family of SO, etc).

I do "movie night in a basket". Get a basket and put in a DVD or two, add a candle, some microwavable popcorn packets and some candy. So you could possibly save up the Halloween candy and use them for an idea like this...

Sparky Duck said...

1.I dont know, when you decide let me know, im having the same issue.

4.Green Bean Casserole

6.Keep the highlights, i like highlights not yet, especially since you may move blogs

13.You Rock

Momma Bee said...

Hmm, well it looks like you've gotten a lot of answers already, but I'll add my 2 cents anyway, at least to selected Qs.

4. Buttnernut squash (yumm!), maybe a green or bean salad, and I've got a great blanched asparagas recipe if you want to go gourmet. :)

5. I like Jergens Original. It soaks in really quickly.

8. I don't know if I have any, but try Current -- you may be able to nab the recipes without ordering the kits.

9. This one varies so widely and depends on so many individual circumstance. Could you do home-made goodies or some wine or some such?

10. Eat it. (And I wonder why I'm gaining weight already this season? Well, no actually, I don't wonder why...)

11. The sidebar looks good, but it's all wonky for me in IE, smooshed down at the bottom of the page. Not sure if it's just me...

12. Bloglines all the way baby. I've tried both.

13. Puh-lease. You look fab and so does your blog.

Haven't gotten to T-13 in so long, but hoping to get one up later today. Will be back to add to your linkies if/when I do!

Domestic Goddess said...

You look fabulous in this blog!

Cheryl said...

#10--Send it to me!

Bint Alshamsa said...

You could try giving the extra candy to your local homeless shelter. I'm sure there are probably some kids there who would enjoy having those treats even if it is a few days after Halloween.

DK said...

Okay, I'm no good with recipes - I just show my hubby the pretty pictures in the cookbook, then give him the Cocoa Puffs box. And leftover Halloween candy? I gave some to our mail carrier, the Fed Ex guy and I'm eating the rest as I type this! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!
P.S. I have 4 different colors in my hair, so you know where I stand on that one, and - believe it or not - the new line of moisturizers by Oil of Olay is great! I use their products during summer, but switch to something heavier by Lancome when we head into the winter months.

Southern Girl said...

Re: #4 -- how about a nice sweet potato casserole? Or green beans?

Mommy off the Record said...

1)I hear wordpress is better. I want to move over myself.

2)What is CSS?

3)no idea

4)salad and yams maybe?


6)keep highlights unless you want

7)Grow it out for a while for something different. Plus, long hair in winter helps keep necks warm. This is good.

8)Sorry, I don't!


10)give it to a homeless person

11)Lookin good

12)Bloglines all the way

13)LMAO. NO!

T said...

Well, let's see... 1) blogger's a PITA, but it's the only game I know. 2) || || ||
4) something cool and/or crunchy. all the other stuff (except hopefully the turkey) is pretty mushy. 6) highlights are a chore to keep up, but you'll probably get bored with just your normal color 7) your hair looks fine! do you want to deal with the growing out phase? 8) 9) Picture frames are always safe but not overly personal. Business card cases (esp. monogrammed) might be appreciated 11) your sidebar is much better than most I've seen - including mine! 12) again, I only have experience with one, but having recently discovered bloglines, I'm a happy camper 13) of course not! you are just PERFECT!

Sophisticated Writer said...

Ok, here we go:

1. Many people are moving to wordpress instead of blogger. Lately, blogger sucks but well, it's still my fave.

2. No idea :-)

3. Again, no idea :D

4. Agree with "better safe than sorry", you need veggies. A veggie cassarole sounds nice.

5. I like Nivea or Dove lotions.

6. Highlights!!

7. Try growing out your hair for a change.

8. Nope.

9. A golden or silver photo frame, may be?

10. EAT IT! :D

11. It's fine.

12. Both are fine.

13. NO, you look nice :)

slackermommy said...

Love the new digs and highlights are always good!