Thursday, November 09, 2006

This just looks like Thursday Thirteen

I just didn't get to TT this week. I didn't have time and let all of us addicts face it. You really write it up Wednesday night and circle the TT hub like a E-Bay shark to be one of the first to get a comment in. It is all about luring the readers in. Come here, my pretty. Smell the cookies.....

Any way, Since last week's TT was such a hit and so many people asked to be let known if I got any good answers, here they are.

1) Should my main blog stay at blogger or move to wordpress?
Everyone seemed to favor Wordpress. I have a confession. I have a blog with already. I don't use it but I wanted to make sure and get the subdomain I wanted. I know that I will move eventually. Inevitably Blogger will piss me off enough.

2) Where are there good tutorials or info on CSS?
I haven't had time to check these yet, but this is what I got.

Also, I found this one on my own this week.

3)Where are there good tutorials for using Paint Shop Pro?

4)If I am making turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry for Thanksgiving, what should my fourth or even fifth side dish(es) be?
How could I forget the Green Bean Cassaerole!! Here are some other suggestions...
Vege Casserole
Rolls or Biscuits
Corn Pudding
Butternut Squash
Blanched Asparagus
Anything Crunchy

5)What is a good moisturizing non-greasy lotion?
Again, varied widely.

2 voted for Dove
Jergen's Original
Cocoa Butter
Oil of Olay
2 voted for Jergen's for Dry Skin
Loreal Happyderm
Mary Kay for Dry Skin

6)Do I keep my highlights or go back to my natural dark brown?
1 said go for natural color
6 said go for highlights
1 said go for both
1 said to go green

7)This is a big one. Do I grow my hair out again or get a different short cut?
(It pretty much looks the same as it did in my profile pic.)
I thought I would grow it out.
My hubby loves how it looks now.
I haven't decided yet.

8)Do you know any In-A-Jar recipes I can use for Christmas, like Cookie-Mix-In-A-Jar or Soup-Mix-In-A-Jar?

9)What does one buy "the boss", in this case Gabriel's new bosses, for Christmas?
Most said a bottle of wine or another type of alcohol. That is kind of what I was thinking and what will probably be the safest choice. Other suggestions included picture frames and monogrammed items.

10)What DO I do with all that left over Halloween candy?
Most said to send it to them. Well, too bad 'cause we ate it!! Other good ideas were to give it to the mail carrier, UPS guy, or donate it to a food pantry.

11)Does my sidebar look too crowded now? I tried to thin it out.
Everyone is so nice and loves me.
Or at least that is what they are saying to my face.....

12)Is ot better?
Hands down, no contest, everyone loves Bloglines.
Which is good because that is what I use.

13)Does this blog make me look fat?
Again, I seem to be loved...

IT is reciprocated!! :D


Momma Bee said...

Hey, it's still T-13 as far as I'm concerned! Yeah, I often think about writing up my list on Wednesday night, but it almost never happens. No lurking for moi! :)

Oh, btw, not sure if it's just me, IE, or both, but this post caused your page to get all wonky, with lines running too far right, not only smooshing your sidebar down, but also making me scroll across to the right. Is is just me?

chelle said...

The post was wonky for me too, I figured it was my Mac being too cool for school :D

I adore wordpress but I use it on my own server. Absolute control, first a blog then WORLD DOMINATION...MUWAHAHA!


Knitting Maniac said...

LOL at the shark on Ebay comment. That is SOOOO true. If I have the mental energy, I do my TT Wed. night and then go to the site and click on as many that pop up before I go to bed.