Monday, October 16, 2006


Ok. I know that I am just getting back into blogging regularly. And my first couple of posts should be all about catching you up to speed. But I have to get this of my chest.


Through Gabriel's new job we got last minute Green Bay Packer (football, and I don't mean soccer) box seat tickets. We asked his parents to baby sit both kids for the day and they said yes. They have babysat Mark a hand ful of times, and this would be the first time for Abby. They didn't have to change any plans to watch them.

Yes, it was a big job. Yes, we were very grateful and let them know before we left and when we picked them up. Many times.

I used to pay them when Mark was tiny, but since we have been a little strapped for cash I stopped and they were OK with it.

I asked Gaberiel's mother what she wanted for watching them, after we had picked them up. She just said, Oh I don't know, and proceeded to tell me about how the day went.

Yesterday, exactly one week after the babysitting, they came over for our weekly get-together/family dinner. And they wanted to know why we haven't mailed them an expression of gratitude that they could set on the kitchen table and look at.


Dear Grandpa and Grandma,
Thanks again for agreeing to spend time with your own grandkids. Let's do it again in 6-8 monthes.

Ok, fine. I have no problem sending you one if you want one.

I just gotta know, am I behind in the world of ettiquette? Do you all really send thank you notes to your babysitters for each job? To your own parents?

Or is this as wacky to you as me?


sunshine scribe said...

Was glad to get your visit today and hear you are back at blogging.

But I cannot imagine a grandparent wanting a THANK YOU CARD for spending time with their grandchildren. Oh. My. God.

Damselfly said...

Yeah, that's pretty demanding! Especially only a week later? I am rolling around a thank-you-note blog entry of my own in my mind right now, and I'm sure the timing issue will be in there somewhere -- how could anyone expect a new mom with a little one (or two, like you!) to write a thank-you note within a week?

HeatherJ said...

Both sets of grandparents have watched our girls from early on and we have never sent them a thank you note. Although we usually say thanks for being such great grandparents but that is about it. I can't believe they asked you for a card. That is a little odd.

Mommy off the Record said...

Thanks for your visit today. I totally agree with you that it's weird to expect a thank you note for babysitting your own grandchildren, though my in-laws say and do things all the time like that that I don't get. It's times like these that I'm just thankful we're not blood-related.

chelle said...

LMAO ok that is a little odd I agree!

I do always send thank you notes for presents, but I would like Becca to do that as well once she is old enough.

Fidget said...

ughh that's REALLY odd

pamibe said...

That IS really odd, and I should know, since I'm a grandmother... ;)

tAnYeTTa said...


that is crazy! i know you were taken off guard when she asked you that.

ok sorry gramma, here's your card and your one way ticket to the moon cuz you're spaced out for sure :)