Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why does it feel so right?

Is it wrong that my mouth actually waters and my pulse quickens when I browse Cooking.com?

Is it wrong that a set of cookware from All-Clad gets me more excited than a new wordrobe? Or chocolate?

Is it wrong that I get excited because I get to host the holidays for both sides of the family?


In other news, I am ticked off because the library lost my address. A few monthes ago my local system merged with a bunch of systems across northern and central WI. In doing so they reverted to an address and phone number that I haven't had for 3+ years.

I like to look-up my books and DVDs on-line, reserve them, and pick them all up at once without dragging 2 little people all over the library. WELL, everything that I have been waiting for has been erased. Things that DO come in get put back on the shelf or sent to someone else because "my" phone number is no good.

And I have to change my address in person. I can access any of my account on-line with just my card #. I can request items and cancel requests. But to get them to call the right phone # I have to go in myself. In my free time, right? But hurry because the book that you have waited 3 monthes for is going back on the shelf tomorrow.

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chelle said...

I wish I could more into the cooking thing. I am trying but there are so many other things to do too!

ugh about the library that sucks!