Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The One With The Exploding Chicken

Edit: I have also updated my Flickr account. New pics, everyone!

But first a shameless plug...

I COULD NOT stand my hula girl layout anymore. It was really bugging me. I have been banging my head against a wall the past week and a half trying to code a new layout. Needless to say I was having issues and still needed a change. So my latest look is brought to you by V4NY. Why the big display over credit?? Because hotlinking and stealing of credit even on a free template ISN'T NICE, PEOPLE! If you think it is so easy, you try it.


The second half of yesterday didn't get any better than the first half. For dinner I was making spinach, bacon, and blue cheese stuffed chicken breasts. This involves pounding the chicken flat with a skillet. I have done it many times. Well, for some reason instead of flattening the chicken this time, it mashed it. Kind of to the consistency of ground chicken. And to top it off, the bag that the chicken was in, exploded. Well, at least it split and caused mashed chicken bits to fly in every direction. Every wall. Every countertop. The floor, to every corner. The oven. The broom closet. The cupboards. I am not kidding you. Every last surface.

In the same action, the skillet that is now covered in chicken bit slipped out of my hand and flew into the dining room. It bounced off the floor and ran into a few chairs. But not to worry because my brand new winter coat stopped it.

At this point in time, Abby who is in her swing is screaming her head off because *gasp* I did not pick her up in all of my chickenness when she started to fuss. Mark is flipping out because all he saw was a skillet flying out of control after mommy yelled really loud. Gabriel won't be home for at least another 45 minutes.

I changed my shirt, nursed Abby, hugged Mark, and had frozen pizza for dinner.

When I retold the story to Gabriel, the first thing he asked was, "Did the skillet put a dent in the floor?"

And I will leave you with the sound of hands slapping their foreheads...


chelle said...

hehe poor mashed chicken!! It sucks when things do not turn out as we had planned!

Cool that you are giving credit! Hope you can figure the CSS issue out and I will try to peek at it soon!

Momma Bee said...

Don't hate me for laughing, okay? Sounds like about the same response I'd get from the hubs. I'm sooo sorry your day ended as badly as it started. You were wise to pack it all up and go for the frozen pizza. I take it Gabriel didn't get home in time to help clean it up?! Argh. Raw chicken is pure grossness in the first place, never mind splattered all over the place. I hope the coat is washable!!

Damselfly said...

Love your new look!

Melissa said...

Hee hee hee! Exploding chicken. Flying skillet. The skillet was probably slippery from chicken juice, just enough to send it flying.

I've had days where things just didn't seem to go right and ended up going to the frozen pizzas as well. It'll get better.

Try cooking dinner with one Abby's age strapped to you because she refuses to be left out of the same room! That's what my Sami did to me when she was little. I had to wear her in a baby carrier even to cook dinner. The swing in the kitchen doorway wouldn't cut it, and our kitchen was too small to bring the swing in.

On the layout, V4NY did mine too. Only for Wordpress. I changed the graphics, but it's still her layout. She does awesome work! Cat's Cradle Creations