Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things I need this morning.

1. Coffee

2. Tylenol

3. Probably Advil as well.

4. My Voice, or at least the one I have been sporting. You swear Tom Brokaw was in the room.

5. 5 minutes alone to think.

6. Breakfast before 11 would be nice.

7. At least 5 hours more sleep.

8. Socks that match.

9. For someone to do the laundry for me.

10. For Abby to be content long enough for to give Mark his bath.

11. And while I clean his bedding.

12. Patience.

13. 10 million dollars, my own private Island, and a personal masousse.

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S. said...

I've soooooo been there!
I hope you get your 13 things soon!

Caylynn said...

#13 would be nice. :)

I hope you manage to get the other 12 items on your list.

Take care.

Marz said...

Aww... I hope you get at least a few of your 13 things.
Glad to hear you have a voice, sorry it's someone else's though, lol.

Racy Li said...

Moms are SO taken for granted. You need to take sometime for yourself and relax! Screw the list and do something for yourself! :) YOU DESERVE IT!

My TT is up! 2 cents said...

Good luck with getting everything done! Number 13 sounds really, really nice!

Mama Duck said...

Ah, I want that #13 too!!

Kathleen Marie said...

#13 is a winner but 5 hours more sleep sounds nice as well!

she said...

I vote for more sleep. I can always use more of it. I'm dreading my 6am conference calls next week. A pox on people living in ET who don't schedule calls with those who live in MT (time zones) in mind!