Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things - I Love About Fall

1. Apples. Apple Pie. Apple Crisp. Applesauce. Apple Tart. Apple Cake. You get the idea.

2. Leaves on the ground. It is the kid in me. Little piles of them that the neighbor kids jump into. Brightly colored ones that swirl in the wind.

3. The crisp cool air. It feels clean. And I love the smell. People think I am wierd becaus eI can smell the seasons changing.

4. Sweaters and sweatshirts. I love curling on the couch in a comfy pair of jeans and a oversized sweatshirt. Plus I don't feel as fat in a sweatshirt as I do in, say, a fitted tee.

5. Hot cocoa, hot green tea, hot flavored coffee. Wrapping my fingers arround the delicously warm mug.

6. The occasional flurries. I love snow early in the season. And arround Christmas it is magical. After Christmas, it sucks eggs.

7. Flannel sheets and down comforters. It is like sleeping in a giant sweatshirt.

8. Cold weather means warm food. Beef stews, hearty soups, cassaroles.

9. Harvest is over and no more freezing and canning and preserving. Woohoo!

10. Halloween. Dressing up. Going door-to-door for candy. Jack-o-lanterns lit up after dark.

11. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

12. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Bars. Pumpkin Cake. Pumpkin Torte. Pumpkin Soup. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Muffins.

13. Corn Mazes. Pumpkin Fairs. Hay Wagon Rides. Pick-Your-Own Apple Farms. There is just so much fun arround.

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Lisa said...

MMMMMM! Punkin pie! I love it. Could eat it all year 'round!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I am with you on the love.

Have a great Thursday!

Stop by if you get a chance. It's my birthday edition of TT!

Anthony said...

I'm a soup guy. People look at me strangely when I eat it in the summer, so I can have some and spare the glances. :)

kontan said...

I love pumpkin pie! I enjoy the change to every season. Fall is a beautiful time. I love the sunsets and the changing leaves. Lately, I keep my camera with me all the time just in case there is an eye catching scene.

Gabrielle said...

i wish we also had fall season here :\

Tug said...

It's a Great Pumpkin CB - LOVE IT!!

Happy TT!

Sophisticated Writer said...

We have the *same* theme this week ;) I just realized that. I even like your list better than mine (hey!). Great list, really. And btw, I smell fall too and seasons changing (weird or not);)

You even mentioned things I love but didn't write in my post :) Check my list and happy TT.

Southern Girl said...

Fantastic list! Fall is my favorite season and we have a lot of the same "loves" in common. :)

My TT is up, too!

amy said...

Fall is my favorite..what a great list this week..all 13 are great..i like to snuggle..when i have time

Chelle Y. said...

I love fall too! I have had my Pumpkin Spice candle burning since September! :)

KaY said...

I don't think we actually have fall here. But we may have a bit of it. It's really more sunny or rainy.

My TT is up! All about my love for blogging! Feel free to visit my site and leave your thoughts anytime. =)

Rav`N said...

Lucky you with your 4 seasons. We only really get Summer and winter. "Spring" and "autumn" are just vague transition periods in the weather where it could be cold one day and warm the next.

ren.kat said...

My son and you must be kindred spirits- we've had to set an upper limit for him_ no more than four apples a day- otherwise he'd eat nothing but apples. (late summer, sour little apples).

Jane said...

I love fall too....sweaters, leaves,'s wonderful.
Thanks for visiting my T13.

Darla said...

Mmmm.... pumpkin pie.

I was going to make a nice thick lentil stew for dinner--I'd bought all the ingredients when I went grocery shopping... except for the lentils. *sigh*

I love all this stuff about fall--now if only it didn't come with gloomy cold and rain.

Christie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the list! ALL the things I love about fall, especially the sweatshirt and the down comforter. My husband thinks I'm part polar bear but I love it when it starts to get cold.

Sparky Duck said...

what no mention of football? :)

Great List Honestly

Momma Bee said...

Oh, we are too much alike...I adore Fall as well, for most all of these reasons and more (plus it brings my BIRTHDAY, which I still get excited about at pushing 30). Welcome back!! Hopefully I'll return to blogging sometime soon as glad to "see" you again. :)

Glamorous Redneck said...

I LOVE fall too! Except for the early snow. It's too freaking cold outside right now. I love when the weather is at 70 with a bright sun and azure sky. Those are my favorite Fall days.

Barbara said...

I also love Fall for most of the reasons you've named. I love the rain, too - having that today. It's good for curling up and reading a good book and watching the rain through the windows.

Check out my TT.

Uisce said...

corn maze, noooo! I'm having a flashback now to a bad corn maze memory... no, nightmare! :)

Uisce said...

corn maze, noooo! I'm having a flashback now to a bad corn maze memory... no, nightmare! :)

Domestic Goddess said...

somebody loves pumpkin! Do you do Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies? yum!

dawn said...

I love apples, and apple cider. Pumpkin's are also one of my favorites

my list is up

Slackermommy said...

Oooh, this makes me want to climb in bed with hot cider and a pumpkin muffin.

Faerylandmom said...

I am so with you on this one! Fall is the GREATEST! Pumpkin pie...ah...pumpkin pie!

Mine's up here if you want to stop by.

BTW...I love your profile pic! It's beautiful!

N. Mallory said...

I lovve running through the leaves and kicking them up. It's even more fun with my new puppy.

Lorraine said...

I think I agree with every item on your list! Although we don't get nearly as much snow here in Little Rhody as you guys do.

I just posted my TT Ed #2 list. Hopefully, they'll let me join officially in another couple of weeks.