Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The one with water that goes clunk

I have been doing alot on Ebay. I have made a lot of money selling garage sale type stuff that was hanging arround the house. It is great because I have a little money of my own to buy what ever I want (from Ebay of course). And not feel guilty.

Plus, I admit it, it is really fun to have things come in the mail.

Today I got my Britta water pitcher. Hopefully that will make the water tolerable. We have hard water here. Like, you turn on the faucet and it goes clunk. We have a new style of water softener that doesn't use salt. Instead it uses magnets to remove the iron and ionizes the calcium to prevent it from caking to pipes and everything else. But the calcium, ect is still there and so the water doesn't taste the best. Think lake water. OK, it isn't THAT bad. But I don't like to drink water in the first place. So any unpleasantness and you can forget about it.

I am soaking the filter and setting up the pitcher now. I will let you know how it goes. Does anyone else have a Britta filter or pitcher??

In my new house we have a DISHWASHER!! GASP! I have dreamed of a dishwasher. The dishes (GASP!) get washed EVERY night. Plus I don't have to stand there for hours to do them. I want to kiss whoever invented dishwashers right now.

And the previous owners left a bread maker. So I (in all my domestic goddessness) make a loaf of fresh bread every morning.

I really do love my new house.



chelle said...

We have a brita jug ... I like it. It is nice to have uber cold water from the fridge. Still important to have tap water on occasion though, especially the kids for the fluoride.

Too cool about the dishwasher!

Marz said...

We still have our Brita jug too but we don't use it anymore since we got a water cooler. I liked it when we did use it.
Dishwashers are awesome. I remember when we moved into this house there wasn't 1 & for a whole week I had to do dishes by hand (our previous house had a dishwasher too so I wasn't used to it). It was horrible!
OMG! now I know why you didn't lose any weight, the damn bread maker! I love ours. We're on our 2nd one already, I wore the old one out, lol. I use it for everything, pizza dough, pasta, buns & bread. I even made bagels 1 time but they were a pain in the butt so therefore I haven't made them since.
Enjoy your new house! sounds like you already are!

Damselfly said...

Hey, I have a Brita too and I love it. Except, since we got a new fridge (see, I love new appliances too!) that dispenses filtered water, I've been using that instead. I still like the taste of the Brita better....