Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen scents I am considering for making soap.
I would like every one to choose their favorite 3 (or more) to help me decide which to use.

1. Cucumber Aloe

2. Hawaiian Rain

3. Juniper Breeze

4. Mulberry

5. Pearberry

6. Blueberry

7. Lavendar

8. Blackberry Vanilla

9. Ginger Lime

10. Clean Cotton

11. Coconut

12. Raspberry Patchouli

13. Lemon Grass

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Dane Bramage said...

Cucumber Aloe
Hawaiian Rain and
Hard Day at Work. Why not? I'll wind up smelling that way anyhow :-) ANd that's the male perspective on frou frou soap fragrances! My T13 #33 is up it is the 13 Quotes About Men Edition Stop by if you get the chance.

Mert said...

oooh, I love me some scented soap! I pick cucumber aloe, blackberry vanilla, and ginger lime. those all sound very yummy! thanks for visiting my 13, i'm glad you like them!:D

Sophie said...

Here are my favorites, although I think I would be happy with them ALL: Hawaiian Rain, Lavendar, Clean Cotton.

Thanks for visiting my post, too! I'll be back!

Chana said...

OMG Peanut butter toffee??? Where to find that ????

Anyway, as for the soap...Cucumber Aloe please!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

GreenEyedGirl said...

I love cucumber aloe, hawaiian rain and lavendar.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sonya said...

Hawaiian Rain, Blueberry, Blackberry Vanilla.....yummmy!

Mammawannabe said...

Blackberry Vanilla sounds really, REALLY nice right now...I think I would actually sleep pretty nicely if I were to get me some of that :)

Babystepper said...

Lavender, Ginger Lime and Clean Cotton. No question.

Selena Kitt said...

Ginger Lime, Coconut, Cucumber Aloe

chelle said...

Blackberry Vanilla
Cucumber Aloe

Michelle said...

such wonderful scent combinations! It's hard to chose just 3, but here are mine:
blackberry vanilla

Sophisticated Writer said...

I love scents :-) Here are my favorite three:

Lemon Grass
Raspberry Patchouli
Hawaiian Rain

You make your own soup or are you starting a business?

Take care!