Monday, March 26, 2007

The one with mud - part 2

I am coming out of hibernation. And so is everything else. I saw my first snake today. I knew that living in the country would bring animals of all sorts. But I still had palpitations staring at it 50 feet away from behind a glass door. It was just a little green grass snake, but nothing makes me scream like a little girl like snakes do.

Spring is in full swing. For a while the driveway had actually started to dry out and firm up. But after 2 days of spring storms, it is pretty mushy again. I went to town yesterday morning and sunk my car in mud up to the frame.

Today is beautiful however. 70's. Gorgeous. Everyone is in shorts. I had better adjust to my midwest lifestyle or I will DIE when it starts getting in the 90's. This house doesn't have AC yet. It WILL get it this summer.

We were sick over the weekend. I have been kind of lazy with the internet. I had people who needed me. It only seemed to be a 24-48 hour cold. Nothing terrible.

Paypal is frustrating me to no end.
Well, them and my bank. OK, get this. Gabriel and I have each accounts in our names. We are both secondaries on each account. So we both can access all of them, but some our "mine" and some are "his".
When Gabriel called in to change our address, they assured him that ALL addresses for ALL accounts where updated. But I couldn't validate my credit card with my new address through Paypal.
So I called them up again on the 16th. The lady was super nice and said that the accounts in my name hadn't been changed but she updated them for me. I waited and tried every day last week to update via Paypal. Nothing. Friday the 23rd I got a confirmation letter in the mail dated the 19th, stating that my address had officially been updated. Still nothing with Paypal.
Just a few minutes ago (mind you this is 7 business days after I called) I STILL can't get Paypal to recognize my new billing address for my credit card. I don't know what to do, but it is pissing me off.
I am waiting to update my billing address so that I can get a Paypal debit card. They make them out automatically to your credit card's billing address. I want to get my web hosting, domain name, crafting supplies, and some other stuff but I want to use my Paypal balance and these places don't just accept Paypal.


I did get some of my crafting supplies on Ebay, though. So maybe starting in the next week or 2 I will get them up for sale.

The webhosting and domain name is really holding me up. I just might go ahead and use my bank or credit card funds, instead of Paypal's balance. I hate to, but I am not going to wait forever!!


Marz said...

Good luck with PayPal. Hope all gets fixed up soon.
So did you get stuck & had to be towed out or were you able to get the car out yourself?
it was awesome here today too, 70's as well. However, we can't get used to it yet, it is only the end of March. I'm sure it will snow again.

chelle said...

I have a friend that cannot use her backyard at ALL during the summer due to rattle snakes!!! eeps!

Hope all goes well with Paypal.

diana said...

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