Friday, March 09, 2007

The one with a few complants

Ok, I must admit that the new "BETA" *over exaggerated finger quotes* isn't as bad as I imagined. In fact it has it's good qualities. You still have your access to HTML and the convenience of the widgets.

But I HATE the way the literally FORCE you to switch. The last time that I logged in the old blogger system there was a warning in font this big stating that the next time I log in my blog will be converted to the Beta system. Thanks. No choice. No way out of it.


Abby is acting a little better today, but she still won't stand on her left leg. It is weird. She will sit up, lean way over to get toys, kick, and even get up on her knees. But she wants nothing to do with any pushing or pulling with her leg straight. Anywho, she has an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon. He specializes in little kids.

I love this new theme. It is like coffee meets chocolate. Only my 2 favorite things in the whole wide world.

I have been trying to find all the pictures we have of the new house, but I think they are on Gabriel's work laptop. I will try to remember to transfer them tonight when he gets home. This will have to do . It is only the view from the back yard .


chelle said...

I think the Beta part is over for Blogger, hence the force of switch. I am not sure I am a fan, less ease to customize, but eh I do not use it I just do a few designs for it!

Melany aka Supermom said...

You are back!? I've been checking your blog about once a week and have been contemplating deleting your URL. So glad I didn't!

Momma Bee said...

I *love* the house! What a great backyard too. Can't wait to see more photos...will try to get back to comment more soon. I am *so* behind on everyone, and trying not to get so behind on you now that you're back! :)

miles said...

wow we just moved too. We also have been having accidents in our new home. Gives new new meaning to christening the house! :)

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