Thursday, March 08, 2007

There isn't enough coffee in the world.

OMG, we are accident prone this morning I am afraid to move.

First, Mark, Abby, and I were watching Sesame Street this morning when Abby rolled off the couch. Luckily she landed on her butt, but her left leg was curled underneath her. She hurt her hip some how, and doesn't want to put pressure on it or pull her knee up to her belly on any way. Side to side is fine but up and down is no good. I called my husband and we are watching it to see if it is better this afternoon. I feel so bad. I feel like I broke her. If her leg moves the wrong way, she just looks at me and whimpers like, "Mama, it HURTS!". She is taking a nap now, so hopefully resting it will help.

Second, I was stoking the fire (because a wood burning fireplace is our primary heat source, people, how cool is that?) when a rather large log freakishly falls over and clunks Mark on the head. I am sure it got bumped by either me or Mark, but now I have 2 babies on my lap crying in pain.

Third, We are taking a break watching TV upstairs just trying to get everyone to calm down and take it easy. When Mark tumbles down the whole flight of stairs. He is EXCELLENT on stairs. This is only the second stair accident ever for him.

In conclusion, Mark is OK but might have some bumps/bruises that show up later. Abby is sleeping now and we shall see how she is this afternoon. And I think we all need to stay in bed the rest of the day to avoid further injury.

On a different note, my Britta pitcher works great. I heart my new pitcher. I can now drink water again.

Also, as a warning, I am making plans to move this blog to Wordpress as soon as I can decide on a domain name. I am thinking about something like I want it to be home for my mommy blog, my growing Ebay-selling which has upcoming plans for homemade soap, rice heating bags and other homemade stuff, and home for any web design I might (not necessarily in the near future) have. Any good ideas?? I would love to hear them!


chelle said...

ouch! Hope everyone is feeling better!

As for a domain name ... the crafty mom is good ...

Mammawannabe said...

What a day! Kids are tough...they'll bounce right back :)

I added you to my fav sellers at eBay! Can't wait to see your homemade soaps!!!

Damselfly said...

Oh, wow, I'm glad everyone is OK.

Look at your new design! It's fabulous! New photo too!

Leigh said...

Glad the family is okay! It truly was a day for accidents.