Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Keep the Strawberries away from the Olives

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Boring Kool-aid mom stuff today. But I wanted to share.

We went grocery shopping this morning. Mark was a doll. He has been getting difficult to shop with because he wants to walk or run around instead of sit in a cart. Daddy spoils him by letting walk next to him when they go shopping together. But today Mark wanted my shopping list (a notebook) and my pen. So I capped it and he was 'writing' the whole time. Acting like he was all involved with everything that went into the cart. It kept him happy through 2 stores over 2 and a half hours!

It has been so nice and warm (FINALLY!) this week. So we have spent alot of afternoons outside. Mark loves running around outdoors. Yesterday we bought our flowers and the rest of the veges for the garden. I planted up the flower pots and hanging baskets. I am not going to go crazy with flower beds and new perennials. I will have enough to keep up with in the garden both before Abby is born and after. I can extra veges out of our garden and a ton of fruit. Most of the fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and maybe peaches) should be done before Abby is born and hopeful the way the season is going the later fruits (probably peaches, pears, and apples) will be late August/ into September. When I am feeling stronger and the baby is a bit bigger.

Thanks everyone for the comments from the last post. I am spazzing. I always spaz. Ask my husband. I am a control freak, a perfectionist, and a worry wart. I am actually a lot better than I used to be. I used to not be able to let ANYONE do ANYTHING, because I had to do it so it turned out the way I wanted. Stress was not enough to convince me to let other people do things. I work on it all the time. But having a kid and having life get turned upside down kind of taught me to not give a shit about certain unimportant things. Do the best you can with the top 5 on your list of priorities and the rest can give or take. Try again tomorrow.

I have just realized something important in the snacking world. No matter how pregnant you are and how good it sounded in the first place, don't eat strawberries and green olives in the same sitting.

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Marz said...

Sounds like you are in "control" over your garden, lol.
Ewwww.... I love both, strawberries & green olives but I would never think of eating them together, that's just gross, lol!