Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day

When I think of Mother's Day a couple things come to mind. First, the good. Gabriel was so sweet. He got me a garlic press and 2 new cutting boards. I couldn't be happier. I have really been into cooking the past month or 2 and make alot of meals from scratch. So there have been a few items that I wanted to add to the kitchen. Gabriel picked up on that and got some. Also for dinner he took me to Taco Bell, because I love it so much!

Also, I know that Mother's Day lands on a different date every year, but it marks a sad anniversary. 2 years ago on Mother's Day we buried Daniel. It bothers me that we haven't been out to visit him yet this year. I think about him alot.

We had both moms over on Sunday for lunch. My MIL I love and we see that family every Sunday. So that was not out of the ordinary and was very pleasant. My mom I don't get along with. Well, we have one of those strained relationships where we pretend that every thing is fine. I am perfectly fine with little to no communication with my mom. She does nothing but rise frustration, stress, and hurt feelings in me. And my husband. She is a gossip spreading so and so who has to have control over every situation that she breathes in and makes up complete crap so that she is always right. Plus she is manipulating and yet believes that she is the perfect mother.

Like I said, I am happy enough to not expose myself to all that stress. But if I don't make an effort here and there, she seeks me out and plays out all these mind games and guilt trips. So we killed two birds with one stone. Our periodic visit and Mother's Day.

I was not planning on dragging all that up, but it just boils in me.

One random thing she did say on Sunday that is so stupid I just laugh thinking about it. Seriously, she said, "Hey, did you hear how they have finally figured how to drain gasoline from the sand in Canada?"

I have been having a heck of a time trying to catch up with you all. It took all of Mark's nap yesterday to do just that. Well, 4 days worth. And our phoneline is still all *Plbbbtt*. The phone works fine. But we are still dialing up at 14,400 BPS. Sometimes we are lucky and get 16,800. It is better than the 9600 we got Monday. The best we have connected at this house is 28,800. This is out of a 56K modem, people. UGH!! I would kill for broadband or cable. Kill, I tell you. But we can't afford it. We tried once but Charter conviently couldn't use the MOTOROLLA modem we had. We were required to rent all of their equipment which was total BS.

It seems that this post has taken a turn towards ugly. I think I will stop before it get to the city limits.

I love you all!! I miss you all!! Have a wonderful day!


Marz said...

I'm sorry that this day always has to be marked for you by a sad anniversary. (((HUGS)))

Melany aka Supermom said...

HUGS to you. I'm thinking of you and your little angel in Heaven.
A belated happy mothers day to you.

chelle said...

Ok first things first I can testify that in Canada we do not make oil from sad, however we do grow grain that we refine into ethanol that is added to gas.

Hun, I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage and I know it must pale in contrast to what your family went through. It makes my heart swell with joy to see all 3 opps 4 of you so happy now!