Thursday, May 11, 2006

New layout

I guess you can see what has been keeping me busy! This is my second template and it only took me 3 days of tweaking. I hope it isn't too pink. I had to change the colors and background many times before I decided on this combination. My first draft was Ack! Pink! Blah! Ack! Yeah, it was really that scary. As always let me know if it has any gliches. I have to do a final check in IE, but it looks and acts great in Firefox.

Also I know that the calandar in the sidebar is wonky. I have the javascript copied OK. And I double checked Otto's Site, where I adopted it. Her codes are wonky too. It is the support behind the script that is wrong. I am hoping that will clear it up. The time works correctly.

BTW, if you have never checked out Otto's Site, you need to. She is really talented and has a slew of calander, java calandars, java clocks, blinkies, adoptables, and alot of other really cool stuff. And it is all free. So you can pretend that you are talented too.

I can not remember when Musings of a Self-Proclaimed Supermom's lease started, but it is up in the next day or so. Don't forget to go check her out. She is a super funny lady. And we all need a little laughter! I hope she enjoyed her stay. If not I can give her a massage and chocolate chip cookie.


rhonda said...

Layout is way cool!! Come back and visit for a laugh (a happier post awaits)

Marz said...

looks great!!
I wish I was that talented!

chelle said...

Well done!!
Not too pink at all. I love the hula dancer theme!!

Mammawannabe said...

OOOOH! I love the new layout! Great job!!! I too wish I was that talented :)

Amanda said...

It's not too, but it is pink! -- the good pink that's very easy on the eyes. ;) I love it!

HeatherJ said...

It looks so great. You are becoming quite the little blog designer.