Monday, May 22, 2006

So, did any of you do anything interesting this weekend??

We took a walk to the school play yard again. Mark just loves the park. My allergies acted up, so I was dizzy on Benadryll. I made Fried Rice and Egg Rolls. Ooo, and I have a strange bug bite on my back.

I do have a new tenant as of this morning... Carrie. She is work-her-butt-off, need-a-little-me-time mommy, just like the rest of us. She just celebrated her 6th wedding anniversary. Also, she is looking for a new blog title. Go over and help her out. Tell her Stephanie sent you.


I have come to realize something today. I am almost 30 weeks (30 weeks on Wednesday for those of you who are counting) and that means that I have only 10 weeks left. With the very good chance of Abby being born as soon as 6 weeks from now. EEK! Let me say again, EEK! I am starting to feel panic.

I have to finish stocking up on supplies for the weeks that I will be weak and out from the surgery and no sleep. I have to finish planning meals so my hubby can cook for me instead of the other way around. Toilet paper, paper towels, cranberry juice, apple juice, raisin bran, diapers, feminine wipes, pads, hemorrhoid cream, ibuprophine, laundry detergent, sugar, flour, coffee, snacks I can eat with one hand, snacks for Mark, snacks I can eat with no hands. Do I have these things????

And what about Mark? I have thought about it but not really done any deep planning. While I am in the hospital he will stay with Grandma and Grandpa. I trust them very much, but leaving him with other people upsets me. No one will treat him like I will treat him. No one knows him like I know him. I hate the thought of him trying so hard to get his point across and everyone just staring at each other going, "Can you understand him?" Or getting punished for something different or differently than at home and not understanding why. I know that I am a control freak, but I don't want his life to change abruptly. I had mentioned doing some trail runs over the weekends so suddenly staying with Grandma and not seeing mommy all day isn't so strange. We have to get going on those too.

And then there is the problem of what to do after I get home. With the C-section I am not supposed to pick up anything heavier than my baby. And I am assuming that they mean the new baby, not my 22 lb, 15 month old baby. Ok, so who is going to take Mark in and out of his crib. And his highchair. And pick him up when he needs a hug because he hurt himself. And the millions of other times he has needs too. When Mark was born, Gabriel was laid-off so he was around all day and took care of everything except the breastfeeding. I know that I was spoiled, but it was so nice to have someone to do the things I couldn't. I can't do it all by myself. Even if my MIL came down everyday to feed Mark and help out, I doubt that she would show up every morning before Mark woke up and stay until Gabriel got home from work. For at least 2 or 3 weeks. I hate to want Gabriel to get laid off because he is finally working steady again and it looks like work is good for a ways out. Maybe things will change by August, but he needs to keep working. We need the money. Unemployment is a b*tch to live off of.

I need to wash and put away the tiny baby clothes that I packed into the basement not that long ago. I need to bring up the swing and bouncer and sling and floor mat and infant carrier/car seat and bassinet. I need to figure out where I am going to put the bassinet. Am I going to put both kids in the same room eventually? If not where with one or the other? Bottles and formula and warmers and nukes and BM storage containers for the freezer and the breast pump and about a thousand other things I am probably forgetting need to be taken out of their storage and washed up.

Oh. My. Gosh.
I. Can't. Breathe.
Seriously, I think I am having a panic attack. HELP!


chelle said...

Ok you need to take a big breath and make a list, not only for yourself but for Mark too. He can get the stuff from the basement. Make stock up shopping lists and regular ones for Mark (while you are not cooking).

If anyone asks if they can help...Say YES (I so did not and wish I had!) will all happen perfectly!

"Mom-MEEEE!" said...

It's okay! It's just that nesting thing soon-to-be mommies get....when I was about 32 weeks, I went, "Oh my god! Why didn't I think of this? The baby can't crawl until the floors are SANItized!".....went on a crazy cleaning spree.

Relax. Spend some time chillin' with the little one. His days as the one and only are counting down.

Wenchy said...

You will do great!

Mammawannabe said...

You are going to be fine! Definitely make the list that everyone is telling you to, and make the couch your new best friend. That way, Mark can snuggle up to you as much as he wants to with no need to pick him up. Just remember, you are a fabulous mother, and you can do this!!!!

Marz said...

Ok, you need to step away from the computer, stop thinking & just take a breather. All will work out fine, trust me. It always does, 1st few days might be a little rough but i'm sure you will be in a routine in no time & don't worry, gradma & grampa will take care of Mark just fine. If they're anything like N's grandparents he will be spoiled to no end.

Cityslicker Mom said...

sounds like you have a ton on your plate! try to get some rest, too! Love your new blog design.

Undercover Angel said...

You'll be fine. Just get lots of rest, and accept any help that's offered. I'm so excited for you! Only 10 weeks to go!