Friday, May 12, 2006

My Baby's growing up!

I had another prenatal this morning. Everything was fine. I came home eager to go on-line and I can only dial up at 9600 bps!!!! WTF! The connection to the house is fine. It is the wiring in the house. Sometimes the telephone goes fuzzy and we get bad connections. The only option is to re-wire the house. That is not a project that I would be looking forward to.

Anywhooo, Mark is learning to use a spoon. Yesterday he got yogurt up his nose and in his eyelashes all by himslef.

I think that he is understanding about the baby too. Whenever my belly is bare and Mark is around, I pat it and tell Mark "Baby. There is a baby in there." This is what happened yesterday.

ME: (patting) Look, Mark. There is a baby in here.
(I pick up a magazine and point back and forth between a pic of a baby and my belly.)

MARK: (eyes lighting up as he points to the magazine) aaiouggie! (translation=baby!)

ME: That's right it is a baby. And here is a baby (pointing to belly).

MARK: (eyes getting bigger pointing to my belly) aaiouggie!

ME: That's!!

Mark:(excitedly) aaiouggie! (magazine) aaiouggie! (belly) aaiouggie! (magazine) aaiouggie! (belly)

ME: That's right!!!!

MARK: (lifting my shirt higher and pointing to my breasts) aaiouggie!

Hmm, maybe not.



chelle said...

hehe that is too cute! I am glad is all well!

Mammawannabe said...

I'm dying here picturing his little face! Post more of that please! I miss those days when my kids would say things that only I could understand :) Tell him the blogging world thinks he's absolutely adorable :)

Melany aka Supermom said...

How adorable :)

Marz said...

Lol!! very cute!!
Kids just say the cutest things!!