Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What Day Is It Again?

As I am trying hard not to forget all the blog worthy things coming to me this morning, I suddenly stop and think, "Oh! But today is Thursday Thirteen!" Oh, the joys of having a baby brain and a long weekend.

Coming foremost to mind is kool-aid. It is just sugar water with dye. I think it is just the color of dye that influences the flavor. If I made up some kool-aid and poured you a glass of red liquid, would you know what flavor it was? And what is up with the invisible flavors they have this year? Is it so we can pretend it is water and not sugar? Or is it so we can sneak it in to the gym and not get weird looks?

I have BIG BREASTS. Ha, so there. Let's see how many search engine hits that one gets me. Along with my oh-so-curvy body, my full and firm breasts have re-emerged. I wore tank tops over the week end because it was so unbearably hot. And let me tell you, I have cleavage, baby. Now they will only get bigger and bigger as birth and breastfeeding come. Until weaning when they deflate JUST like a balloon, and I cry over my 22 year-old saggy breasts. But I am living in the here and now that is the porn star boobs with out the porn star body.

I love a beef steak. That is what we had for dinner last night. I made a great meal of marinated rib eyes with corn on the cob and homemade cole slaw. Mmm, beef. It's what's for dinner. We don't have it very often, and I am not sure why. Part because we have Venison in the freezer and I feel guilty I guess using up the beef and not the deer. (I really don't like Venison.) Part because we eat alot of chicken. I wonder if part of it is conditioning from growing up in a family where 'that's expensive so you don't get to eat it because your a kid'. I was pondering all of this over dinner, when Gabriel stopped me. "Why do you cause yourself all this undue stress? You like beef because you like beef. That is not against the law." But that is my one true talent. Taking something simple and obsessing about it for days!

Abby has positioned herself in-line with my bladder the last few days. All she has to do is wiggle her fingers and I came this close to peeing all over myself. I run to the bathroom every 15 minutes. No kidding. I guess the tell tale wet spot in between my legs would kind of take away from the veloupous sex appeal.

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