Monday, May 08, 2006

We are getting a new toy!

I think that I am entering the second phase of complete pregnant exhaustion. Also I am been vigorously kicked in the gut and there is nothing I can do about it.

Today is a good day for nothing. Today is a day that I would get on my knees if I could and thank God that I don't have to work out of the house. Today is a day that I would just curl up in the fetal postion if I could and watch tv fromt he couch. I guess I would settle for blogging from the recliner.

Our laptop has taken yet another crap for the worse. The mouse hardware haywired and the pointer just goes crazy and is uncontrollable. It is worse than trying to convince a toddler to please move faster. We can still plug in a regular mouse and use the computer. But we are trying to transfer our files to the portable hard drive before the laptop decides to not start up.

On the good news side of this, Gabriel ordered a new notebook from on Sunday. We should be getting it in about 2 weeks. We are getting an Inspiron E1405. It has 1 GB of Ram, a 1.66 Ghz processer, 40 Gb hard drive, and Windows XP. All of which just blows me away and proves what a dino the old laptop is. I am so excited!!Our dinner party on Friday was a smashing success. I tried 4 recipes for the first time that night and all were excellent. I really lucked out.

All weekend we have been entertaining or going to parties and get togethers. I am pooped out.

Sorry to be such a drag. I think that we have finally established that I am tired...


Iccle Anne said...

Cool, a new toy! It's never nice when computers start dying.

HeatherJ said...

Sorry you are so tired, it hits you hard sometimes doesn't it? Especially when there is already a little one running around wanting you to play with them.

A new computer is always so much fun, enjoy your new toy when it comes

rhonda said...

Hooray for a new laptop! I sure don't know what I would do without mine :)

Marz said...

Oooh!!! a new laptop!!! I'm jelous!!! I wish I had a laptop so I could watch tv & blog too, lol!!
Glad to hear the party on friday went off without a hitch! Sounds like you are an excellent hostess!!