Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogrollin', rollin', rollin'

Have you ever noticed that all of our blogrolls are eternally linked together? I try to find different ways to visit new blogs and search out my next best friends. But I always end up finding blogs randomly that link to 2 or more of my blogroll.

Not that there is a problem with co-linking. Linking is a great way to advertise your favorite reads. But I am wondering, do we all have the same tastes and likes in blogs? Or is the world of mommy blogs that small? There are all these interlocking circles of webrings and rent-a-blog and blogrolls. It just boggles my mind. Are we part of a big unnamed, unknown club?

Maybe I should save myself a lot of run-around and just systematically go through everyone's blogroll. Does that make me a friend chaser? You know that women who can't find her own friends and just clings to everyone else's friends. The one that no one wants to invite to the party, but can't not invite.

More and more I wonder if the world of blogging mamas is that small. Have we already made a full circle in the convention room?

I like especially to befriend newbie mama bloggers because I know how hard it can be to start out. You write faithfully. You comment on other peoples blogs. You tru to understand the tags and coding and new internet langauge. You may even bring out the voodoo dolls. But surfing blogs tend to just pass you by.

Ha, it ain't even that easy for a somewhat experienced *cough, cough, me* blogger to gain daily readers. I do have all of you that are so loyal. You know who you are and I love you guys this big! But to try and gain another is like trying to interview for a job. So how do blogs like Daring Young Mom and So the fish said... get a daily comment rate of 40-50+ ?? Are they truely that much better at writing that the rest of us? Or is it just luck and years of blog hopping?

I don't get it and the more I think about it, it more tangled it becomes. This isn't important like 'let's cure cancer'. But has the web of linkees and linkers ever amazed you?

Maybe I am just amazed easily.

While we are on the subject of blogrolls, what is polite? I got tired of several links that I had where I would comment daily and be ever so faithful, but I never got so much as a link or one visit. So I deleted them. I am not saying they had to link me just because I linked them. But a visit would have been nice. I realize that we are all busy and we pick and choose our favorite sites, friends, priorities, etc. But enough is enough. I am busy also. I used to like reading those blogs, but being completely ingored isn't cool.

How do you choose your blogroll linkees? Do you read everyone's blog when they update, daily or less than daily? Is there too much of a good thing?


Undercover Angel said...

By the time I've read a blog a couple of times I know whether I want to link to them or not. I don't usually worry about who else they are linked too.

I have all of the blogs on my blogroll plus a few more blogs set up in BlogLines so I can read them all in one place everyday (and it saves you from going to a site just to find out it hasn't been updated). I probably read about 58 blogs through bloglines now.

sunshine scribe said...

I'm not so sure of the etiquette - I try to link to those who've linked to me and also to the blogs I like reading the most. I do get stressed trying to keep up with them all sometimes but this blogging community has been an unexpected wonderful surprise for me.

rhonda said...

I usually sub someone with bloglines to test them out a while, then every few weeks I will update my blogroll.

On my blogroll are all sites that I attempt to read daily :)

I love new bloggy buddies!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

No, you are not friend chaser...I think it works in blog-land the way it does in the real world. We find someone we share interests with...and they have others who have similar interests....etc., etc., etc. Blog surfing is ADDICTIVE! I think I have saved over 100 favorites that I like to connect with weekly--if time permits. Wish I could get paid for blogging--maybe I'll write a book about blogging and consider blog-surfing my research! There's an idea!

I haven't completely linked all my favorite daily blog-links...because I fear everytime I go into the Template I will shut all of Blog-spot down! A little computer challenged here!

Nice finding your blog--while I was "friend chasing!"


Marz said...

I only get 2 comments on my blog usually. I have no idea how to get more either.

The way I found my new "friends" was that they were going through the same situations I was & I felt a connection with them. Mainly the infertility thing.
I found you via Chelle, lol.

TheCrazyHousewife said...

Most of my blogroll comes from friends from various message boards I visit. Pretty lame lol.

I also, like sunshine said, is try to link back to those who link to me.

chelle said...

It has taken me almost a year to get the readers I do and that is relatively small compared to others.

I do not write for everyone, although I do like to have an audience.

I am a selfish witch too. If you do not comment on my blog, I stop going to yours. I am not contributing to a massive blog with 50 commenters and never receive it back. I am nto into "Cool kids" that do it for money and all that jazz.

I like my little crew. I feel connected to everyone that comes to my blog regularly (some are uber busy in real life and I am down with that).

I seriously need to update my roll too!

Wenchy said...

I use to do the blog roll thing.. now I don't.

Melany aka Supermom said...

I don't do the whole blogroll thing but it is very true that one always find other bloggers that you "know" when you do blog-hopping

Amanda said...

I used to average about 75 visitors each day with my blogger blog - before I took a break from it.

Currently with the new blog, I'm only averaging about 40. :\ I probably lost a lot of readers.

Some plaster their sites on all different kinds of blog traffic sites like blog explosion or blogmad.

Joining a mommy forum can also boost your hits. :)