Friday, April 21, 2006

The Drug Lady

I have been so lost without my routine. My without a fail daily posts have been rather sporadic and further between. Gabriel went out this morning to work for the neighbor who owns a lawn business. It is nice to have a breather to myself. I love my husband alot, but the past week with rushing to finish the garage and such has been hard. I want a day off. I want a day off with my husband. Oo, really big idea. I love how ideas come to me as I am typing. Gabriel's brother is spending Spring Break (this week) with us to help with the projects. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night he can babysit after I put Mark to bed and Gabriel and I can go out on a date. I will have to bring that up when they get back.

The drug presentation the other night was really interesting. It was put on by a lady who works for the heath center as a mentor and counselor for kids who use drugs. She is a lady after my own heart. You need back ground on this one.
See when I was out of high school, I didn't know if I wanted to go to college or if I did for what. I knew that I wanted to be a SAHM. Please don't send me nasty comments on feminism and how I set myself up for disaster blah, blah, blah. I never wanted a big career. Maybe a cool big job, but my big goal was to be a mommy in my own time. This was when I was dating Gabriel. It was fall and I was too late for registrations. I would have to wait until Spring. That February 14, Gabriel proposed and we got married on August 30 (remind me to tell this story sometime, it is pretty cool). If I went to school, I wanted to finish before I had babies. Since my whole goal was to have school and a job until I was pregnant, it didn't make much sense to start school now. I have no regrets and as crazy as my life is, I am happier by far than if I had a big career and no kids.
BUT, if things had turned out different I would have gone to school for counseling and mentoring specializing in teen suicide. I had many messed up friends in high school. Depression, teen pregnancies, sex problems, alcohol, drugs, all the stuff you hear about. In high school, I personally talked one of my friends out of suicide twice.
This women was speaking about drug problems and trends in our county and what she sees on the streets herself. She spoke about the kids specifically and their problems and how to help them. I totally got it. I understand why people do drugs. I understand that the people aren't the menace to society. And eliminating all the drugs won't help the problem. They hurt. They are depressed. They are unhappy. They just want to make it go all away for a little bit. I felt so moved by her speech.
However, they sad part is that I was one of a handful of people in the room who got it. From the questions asked afterward, most people walked away from it thinking those stupid kids and what a big mess they are to the community. It just angers me so. These kids need and actually want help. Starting drugs is a cry for help or to heard. They don't need to be looked down upon further by people who are supposed to be supporting and helping them.
On a lighter side, most of the presentation was what to look for and smell for on a accident scene. Since this was for the Firefighters and First Responders. She brought actually paraphinalia that she bought undercover in town to show how it can be hidden. She showed pictures of popular pills and how they are hidden. I really enjoyed to whole thing.

Last night we had a couple and their daughter over for dinner. We haven't seen these people in many years and it was so nice. The husband used to be my best friend post-high school.


chelle said...

You totally need to go on a date!!! I hope to go with J tonight or tomorrow night!!

Cool beans about the speaker I am glad you enjoyed her so much! You never know where life might take you once your kids are grown up.

I am like you ... a big career was not my intention once I was engaged to my husband. He had a dream and we have worked towards that together as a team. It is not a woman man thing it is a partnership thing.

Marz said...

I agree, date night is just what you need.

I am a "career mom" and I like it however, I wish I could work less & spend more time at home. I still need to work for my "sanity". But I would never, ever look down upon a SAHM! Raising kids is a full time job & I wish we could do it & have a SAHD. I know he'd love it & so would I (he cooks, lol).

Unfortunately, it's not only kids but adults too that get wrapped up & entangled in the drugs/alcohol scene. It's all the same reasons, just ages are different.
Glad you found it interesting.

Wenchy said...

Oh babe, I will so NEVER receive a feminist award in MY LIFE!!!! LOL

I am the original career wife dammit. :o)

Leigh said...

Of course, I'm late reading, sorry you didn't get to go on the date. All couples need that once in a while.

I certainly wouldn't bash about planning to be a stay at home mom, there is nothing wrong with it at all.

Jennifer said...

No feminist comment here, I always wanted to be a SAHM when I grew up!