Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Glass doesn't love me.

I have always had bad experiences breaking glass. Today I broke a glass by washing it. My hand was inside wiping it when the glass just sheered in half. It shaved a slice of skin 1/2 in by 1/4 in off the back of my hand. Fun.
The worst experience I have had was when I was cleaning out a votive holder with a butter knife. Yes, I know it sounds like a bad idea now. The knife slipped and actually went right through the bottom of the holder pushing chunks of glass into my hand. I thought that we had it cleaned out, but a couple of months later the spot still had pain. I had to have my hand sliced back open to remove a piece of glass the size of a pencil eraser. At least that was my left hand. Today's incident was my right. While it doesn't hurt, it is bandaged up.
The bittersweet part is that I HAD to do dishes today because we were out of plates and silverware. I had put it off for 2 days and now it was necessary. However with a big gash on my hand and a bunch of bandaids, I won't be able to stick my hand in water. At least I got the dinner plates done first.

Gabriel brought me home a rose last night. He is such a sweet hubby.

Mark keeps hinting, or begging, to go outside. But it has been so blustery and cold so far this week. I don't dare take him out. He has never had an ear infection, and I don't want to start now. If only the wind would die down we could go out.

I joined an online group Matching Moms before I brought my blog back to life in January. With Matching Moms you can chat anonymously chat with other members in your own zip code, so you can choose to meet in person. It was my first attempt to reach out on the internet for friends and adult life. I sent out a hand for of "Hi, I'm Stephanie" messages and received 2 replies. The first mom I instantly clicked with. She was looking for the same non-commitment, I-need-adult-interaction type friendship. We never met but if we never do that is fine too. Getting an e-mail out of the blue saying "How are things going?" is nice.
BUT, the second mom I having issues with and I need advice. After 2 messages back in Feb she proposed a playdate. Being the shy wuss that I am, I was taken back and asked as nicely as I could to get to know each other first. After that I became busy, like mommies do, and I haven't sent or received any messages in a couple of months. Last week I sent a "How are you doing?" message to both moms and received this reply from mom #2.

"Sorry it took me awhile to respond I had to have my laptop repaired. My kids are doing well. I hope yours are as well. I was wondering when you would like to get together. Isabella would love to get out and run around with someone her age. We could go to the lil play land in the mall or there is a small kids park over by 3rd ave. "

How do I respond? We had chatted any more than the first time I declined. On the one hand, setting up the date would be ok. I am not afraid that she is a serial killer or anything. But I also don't know her from Jane Doe or anything about her. And I really don't need a relationship that is full commitment and setting up playdates 3 times a week. I like being the shy little mole that I am. Not being the queen of the social ring suits me. And blogging regularly now fills my need for adult friendship and interaction. So am I over reacting or do I gently dump her? If so how? Do I just ignore her message? Ugh!


Ashley said...

I also have an account at Matching Moms and a girl 6-7 years older than me wanted to set up a playdate for Lia and her son really fast and it kind of threw me off a little bit, I did the same thing you did, kind of shrugged her off a lil bit, and a little worried too. I still talk to her here and there...I guess we need to take a big step eh? It wouldn't be so bad to try as Gregg sais. Lia is also wanting to go out...she will stand at the door and yell if she sees my sister out there...it is supposed to be nice out tomorrow.

chelle said...

I say go for it and meet in a neutral location like the mall, if you do not enjoy yourself or whatever you have no obligation to do it again. It is so hard to find friends, I try to take any chance I get (although I am shy at times too!)

Tara Marie said...

Spring is upon us....a nice visit in a park would be fun for the children if they are similar in age, and you can chat for a bit with the mom.

Computers are great [I've met some of my dearest friends in cyberspace] but the greatest times have been when we have been able to get-together in real life [even driving over 700 miles for one meeting to happen].

If you decided not to meet, be honest and don't just let her drop......[are my humble thoughts]

P.S. I enjoyed reading your blog!

Mammawannabe said...

I would second the neutral location thought - better safe than sorry :) I think these women are just looking for friends like you are. Give it a shot, and see what happens. If it doesn't pan out, no big deal. If it does, then you've made some local friends :) Either way, let us all know how you make out :)

HeatherJ said...

Give it a shot. I have met some great people through the internet. With some we have stayed just internet buddees, with others I have met them in person. I usually do a family meeting first rather than just a mom meeting, this way the hubby is there as a buffer. One time our husbands hit it off better than we did.

Mammawannabe said...

PS - I hope your hand feels better!!!

Marz said...

I'm odd too. I like my online friends to stay on line. I am busy enough with my real life, I don't have time to meet people nor much of a desire. I have friends & I don't spend time with them either.
Do whatever feels right for you.

Melany said...

Go meet her. (Or that's what I would do) If you don't click then don't sweat it. Just keep on being busy when she contacts you again. You never know, you might really hit it off. also tell her from the start that you don't have much time to go out every week but meeting up once a month or whatever will be nice

andrea said...

Meet her!
You have nothing to lose. Who knows, she might turn out to be a new friend. Take the chance.