Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight Savings Time is the cure-all

Waking up of your own power is the wierdest feeling in the world. That happened to me on Sunday for the first time in almost 2 years. I opened my eyes at 8:00 to nothing. No alarm clock. No baby knocking on the wall calling to me to get him out of the crib. Nothing. My eyes just opened. Weird.

This of course is due to Daylight Savings, which I have been highly anticipating. This means that the sun rises an hour later and Mark doesn't wake up until, oh say, 7 am or later! He has been waking with the dawn and actually getting up before 6 a couple of times before DST. Yay! More quiet time in the morning to catch up on blogs. I have learned to not post until nap time though. At 6 am my brain is too tired to write. I have tried a couple of times and come up with nothing. But at 10 am or so I can think of many things to blog about. It is funny how my mind works. When something happens that is blog worthy, I start writing it in my head immediately. I told you, I need a 12 step program.

Gabriel had a bunch of overtime, so the weekend didn't seem any different than the week. Saturday I tried an Asian chicken soup recipe that I have been dyeing to try. I have been saving my budget for 3 weeks to buy the exotic ingredients. Like shitakki mushrooms and fresh ginger and Chinese noodles. Well, it didn't turn out. I over cooked it so the ginger and garlic flavors were all but gone. Gabriel hated it although he never said so and finished his bowlful. I don't know if it was me or the recipe. I just cried. Like I said I was planning it for 3 weeks and it was so disappointing. I was already having mood swings and emotional breakdowns that day. The soup just finished me off.

I was in a mood swinging funk for most of the weekend and pre-weekend. I seem to have snapped out of it on Sunday. I think sleeping well helped. It has been really hard with Gabriel working such long hours the past week. A couple of times Mark has gone to bed for the night before he gets home. Pretty much all Gabriel has time to do is shower, eat, and watch about an hour of TV with me before it is bedtime. 6-6:30 is a long day, but it should only be one more week. Then we can go back to 7-3:30.

Mark has missed daddy too. I can tell. We have been making his bedtime lenient so he can play with daddy a little. Sunday Gabriel only had to work 6-10 am and Mark went nuts. He only wanted to play with daddy and go by daddy and do what daddy was doing. For about 30 or 40 minutes in the afternoon they had a pillow fight. Daddy would toss the throw pillows at Mark just hard enough to knock him down. Then Mark would pick up the pillow and charge daddy to retaliate. Once he fluffed daddy with the pillow, daddy would snatch it and Mark would take off running and the whole thing repeated itself.



Momma Bee said...

Hee-hee, that pillow fight sounds too cute.

Enjoying DST here, too, and actually awoke before BB this morning myself. Lovely! We also bought some drapes at Target this weekend to help combat the waking with the sun thing. Seems to be helping so far! Oops, there she is awake from her afternoon nap...

Marz said...

Aww... how cute.
I don't think my kid got the memo about DST till today because yest morning he was up at 6am and today I had to wake him up at 7. I sure do wished those were reversed.

chelle said...

Daylight savings time is great in the morning, but arg at night Becca has had issues!!!!

Sorry the recipe did not work out :(
I attempted to make quiche tonight and failed so I know how you feel!

Wenchy said...

We don't have daylight savings here in South Africa so I cannot really say I understand about that one... but I do get that you slept and that is wonderful!!!!

sunshine scribe said...

Sleep is good. Hooray for DST.