Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is my town

Sunshine Scribe had a very interesting post today about how she started up her blog and came about her blogger name. It inspired me to write about my own experiences and blog title. I had planned on just leaving her a note in comments, but it would have been so freaking long. So now you get to hear about too. Hehe, aren't you lucky?

I started blogging 2 years ago. I started my on-line experience with a memorial site for Daniel after he was born too early. The friends I made had blogs and encouraged me to start one. I had no clue how to do anything on the internet. I started a journal with Bravenet. I made the mistake originally of filling out my full name in information they requested, thus my real name floated for awhile. I also never thought about security or worried about it back then. Because of all this, I have always gone by my real first name, Stephanie. I supposed one day I may changed all our names to nicknames, but now why? Sometimes I used to and still do go by Stephanie, daniels_mommy or just daniels_mommy. That used to be my IM name and it stuck.

If you didn't choose a blog title, Bravenet defaulted to name your blog YourFirstName's Journal. So originally I was Stephanie's Journal. Pretty boring, huh? I just came up with "Expressions of Love" one day. I wasn't planning on changing my title, it just came to me. No one else I had seen had that name. I thought it was quite fitting.

About a month or two ago I switched to Blogger for the freedom to change my layout, add links, ect. that I didn't have at Bravenet.Unfortunity you can't upload archives to Blogger, so I kind of lost those 2 years. Today I am just going to delete my old blog. Nobody really reads archives anyway. That will erase all traces of my full name if there are any left.

With Blogger I wanted to keep the names and title that everyone knew. I tried for expressionsoflove.blogspot, expressions_of_love.blogspot, and expressions-of-love.blogspot. All were taken. So bummer, there are at least 3 other Blogger site titled "Expressions of Love". It kind of makes me feel unoriginal. I thought about changing the title, but why? This has always been my title. That is what people know me by. I have always wondered if I was one of the first blogs to use that name or not.

There is an www.expressionsoflove.com. It is a wedding needs site. If you google "Expressions of Love" you get 27,100,000 sites. Most of them are sites for wedding stationary or other wedding needs. Another big group are quotes from serious writers who publish their work online. Mostly stuff about relationships and marriage. My old Bravenet blog comes in at #9 which is the first page and not too shabby. This blog comes in at #13 which isn't too bad either.

Some blogs have such clever nicknames, domain names, and titles. It makes me jealous for being so boring.

I have been meaning to get a better pic for my profile. It is weird how I never have any pictures of me. So I googled "crazy" in images and found some neat stuff to use. This is the one I went with. TTFN


HeatherJ said...

It is great to here how people started. I saw the Sunshine's post too and figured when I was feeling a little better I would tackle this same issue. I don't think it matters how original the title is as long as the posts you write show your true self.

Marz said...

it's nice to hear how you got the name.

sunshine scribe said...

Thats a beautiful story Stephanie. Thanks for sharing.

chelle said...

I like your name! Cool story thanks for sharing!

Melany said...

Love hearing the story of your blog