Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Randomness once again

Last night Gabriel had a demonstration with the other dept. Firefighters and First Responders for the boy scouts. They do this every year. He took Mark with him, leaving me almost 2 glorious hours by myself. What did I do with this time? I washed the kitchen floor, made tomorrows lunches, cleaned up after dinner, and sat down to watch "It the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown". Exciting stuff, huh? I went to pick up Mark at bedtime. The demonstration didn't end until 9, so I did have the rest of the evening free and to myself.
I finished my HTML book, and feel really confident and comfortable with basic coding. I started a template, but I forgot about the 100 Blogger tags for the posting and commenting. So really all I got done was try to learn those and get that part set. The good news, I think, is that once I get the blogger tags set, I should be able to use that as a start for every template. I shouldn't have to retype or configure it all each time. I guess I won't know until I get into it further. I did realize after finishing the how-to book how bad my understanding of coding was before hand. So I have made real progress.

Mark and Gabriel had a blast at the demonstration. Mark was only there for the first part which was the first aid part. One of the First Responders was showing cpr on a manikin. Afterwards she wanted volunteers to try it. Without prompting Mark walked up to the manikin, put his head on the chest (like to listen for breathing), pinched it's nose and blow into it's mouth.
Daddy was SOOO proud. He was just tickled pink for the rest of the night. Gabriel kept telling me the story over and over. He has pictures on his cell phone, but I don't know how to get them onto the computer. I know that we can e-mail them, but to connect our phones to the internet is like $1 a minute. We don't use the cells for internet use anyway, so that is fine.

Mark is really tired today. He slept in until 8! Somedays he is up at 6:30. And then he was acting tired and cranky already at 10. The naps and such are fine by me. I can get more done when he isn't 'helping me'. Before he went down for a nap, he helped me clean the fish tank. Meaning I cleaned it while he watched nicely and every now and then tried to throw something in the bucket of water.

I had to finally take out the barbell in my naval. My belly is stretching too big. Hopefully I will be able to keep a ring in. I am afraid that it will try to close up if I take it out for good. Some women can keep a naval ring in for the whole pregnancy, as long as it is big enough to give with the stretching. It helps that I am an innie. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I had never had my belly button 'pop'. You see some women who are 12 weeks and their belly button sticks out a half inch. Not me, thankfully. I really need to get a current picture to post.

Pretty random stuff again today. I will be giving up blogging tomorrow and Friday (Maunday Thursday and Good Friday). It will be very hard, but I should. I will be back Saturday, and next week will be normal again.

In case I don't see you (metaphorically speaking) before Sunday,
Have a Happy Easter, Everybody!!


Marz said...

Happy Easter to you too!!

Mark sounds so cute!! I bet daddy was proud.
N loves to "help" me too, lol.

Take care!!

Momma Bee said...

Great story! What a cutie Mark is.

As for the cell phone photos, I think you should be able to e-mail them to yourself from the phone without actually using the internet, more like a text message (which may cost something as well, but usually less than a dollar, for me it's like 10 cents or something). Maybe try sending it to your e-mail address as a text message? Just a thought!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter as well!

chelle said...

Happy Easter!!

Tag your IT! (thanks to Pajama Mama and Sugar Mama!) when you get back it is all you girl!

Melany said...

How sweet that tried out the CPR! Cute man

sunshine scribe said...

Happy Easter!

Looks like Chelle beat me to it but I tagged you too. You are double it!

Wenchy said...

Happy Easter to you!

Nope, my belly button never did the pop thing either!