Friday, April 07, 2006

Today is better

Yesterday was just a bad day. Mood swinging galore. I feel better today but this sinus headache just popped up. I have been getting alot of headaches recently. It is annoying.

Mark and I have been playing outside alot now that it is nicer. We actually went for a walk down the block the other day to hand out fliers. He made it all the way down, but I had to carry him back. He picked and handed me every rock and twig along the way. Today and tomorrow are cold though. Highs only in the low 40's. So I hope that he won't ask me to go out this afternoon.

I have been starting to plan our annual block party. Every year since we moved here we have thrown a huge party. The first year it was just a home warming that 60 people came to. Last year we invited almost 100 people (hehe, we were smarter and held it when it warmer and outside) BUT only 20 people showed. That was a disappointment. You try to plan a party and food for 70 or so guests and have only 20 show.
Normally we have it in the fall. But with Abby coming in August, we desided to have it late spring/early summer. That way we can have it outside too. We are also down scaling. We used to invite the whole block plus friends, buddies from work, family, etc. This year it is just going to be the block plus a handful of close friends. I haven't made the final guest list yet. Also the main cause of last year's failure was that everyone had commitments or went on vacation. So we picked 5 possible dates and are getting feed back from the rest of the neighbors to avoid that. It will probably be sometime in June.
I love the planning and hosting. I find it to be rather like a game. It is all about the stratigies. The part I am not good at is mingling with the crowd. I am more of a wall flower.
The past 2 years we didn't have any games, other than having a volley ball net out, kick ball, bubbles, ect. We never used to have any kids on the block either. This year there are 3 elementary school kids, 3 middle school kids, and Mark. I should probably plan something for them, but I don't have a friggin clue what. Any ideas?

Oo, I almost forgot to mention. I got Firefox to work. The first 3 times that I downloaded it, for some reason it quit before the download was finished but said that it had finished. I would only get like 3.7 MB of the 4.9MB. Oddly enough, when I figured it out was 5 minutes before the full download completed. And I didn't change anything from the first 3 times. Weird, huh? Anywho, I have Firefox and IE. IE is still my default browser and the one I am using now actually. At least until I learn more about how Fx works and how the security benefits work. We get an accelarator with People PC (our ISP) and a pop-up blocker. So I think those should still work with Fx. However we use an extra program for spyware which chews up alot of resources. I would love to be able to just browse the internet without it.



HeatherJ said...

I hated those preggers mood swings, some days were just not fun.

I love that the weather is getting nicer, more gardening for me this weekend, and the kids love being out in the fresh air. We go for walks in our neighborhood when I get home from work. They love seeing the flowers, and like Mark, picking up all the rocks and twigs. I hope you end up with a beautiful weekend, it helps with the mood swings too.

Marz said...

Woo hoo on the Firefox. Chelle talked me into getting it a while back & I love it!!
Good luck with your block party this year, hopefully it will turn out better then last.

Melany said...

WTG on planning a neighbourhood party. There is none of that here in South Africa. We hardly know anybody that lives in our area. It's just different here in SA

Momma Bee said...

Glad you were feeling better yesterday, and hope today is even more improved! :)

We have a yearly big bash as well, though not so much the "block" party since we've never really lived on a block. Lots of family and friends, though, and some neighbors too.

We usually set out some different stuff for kids, especially since we typically have a very wide range, like of course the volleyball net idea, plus maybe croquet, a beach blanket with toys, games, puzzles, etc., and usually a basket with various yard toys, balls, etc., so the kids can just sort of dig in without too much organazing/supervising needed. HTH! :)

sunshine scribe said...

Sounds like you are planning quite a party!

One idea my friend used for a similar event was to hire a teenage babysitter for a few hours to be the "Camp counsellor" and lead games and activities for the kids. Took the pressure off of her and was a big success.

chelle said...

hehe firefox rules. I have never used a virus blocker or anything (now I am using an Apple so I have no worries).

Cool beans about the block party!!

Mammawannabe said...

hmmmm....what about asking all to chip in a couple of bucks to rent a bounce house for the kids? We borrowed one for my daughter's birthday last year - that's where all the kids spent the entire time :) The adults seemed to enjoy it too...but it got to a point where too many adults = bounce house gets a bit tippy.

Glad you are feeling better now :) Sometimes those funks are hard to get through :)

Michelle said...

Wow, a block party. I've only seen that on TV. :) We're about to move back to our hometown, and it sounds like something we should start doing. DH LOVES to have people over.

We usually have parties that are just family, which always means a dozen kids. (My MIL has 12 grandkids alone.) We usually don't *plan* anything, because I've noticed if I try too hard the kids get irritable (someone doesn't want to do that, etc.) and I'd rather be hanging out with the adults. So the kids usually just run all over, playing in my kids' rooms, in the backyard, whatever.

BTW, Firefox is awesome. Once you get used to it, you'll never go back.

Laura said...

Firefox blows away the competition. No more annoying popups! And if you do any web page developing it has so many cool benefits... If you find a page on the web that you like, you can save it and totally take it apart in ways that IE just can't touch.

I hope your weather warms up and you start feeling more energetic too. Good luck planning your block party, sounds like fun!