Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tagging reveled

Life has been nuts. Gabriel has off this week. He is taking advantage of it by replacing the garage roof. He started Monday with his brother, but he had to go home yesterday afternoon. Now Gabriel is on a rush to get it finished before the rain that is supposed to be here by this evening.
When Gabriel's routine is disrupte, so is mine. I like him being home, but my schedule is out the window.

Tonight there is a talk on drugs by a county expert at Gabriel's FF/FR meeting. Spouses are welcome to come to this one, so we both will be going. It should be interesting. Gabriel is all excited about me coming. I am not sure what aspects of drugs and drug use the woman will be talking about, but I hear that she gives an amazing presentaion.

I am all excited because Hamburger Helper is on sale for $0.90 this week! The only thing that can rival is when I get a coupon in the mail for $2.50 off diapers. I know, I need help.

I have been tagged by a bunch of friends over the weekend for the meme that has been circulating. These are the great gals that I could remember (sorry!).
Pajama Mama
Sunshine Scribe
I guess my curse is to try to come up with 6 bizarre things that you never knew about me and probably won't want to to know after you read them. A pretty tall order. Also I am supposed name other people to tag, but you know what, I'm not going to. Almost everyone I read regularly has done this already. So if you are reading this and haven't already done it YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Haha, suckers.

1) I lived in Milwaukee until high school when we moved up to the northern area of Wisconsin. From when I was 9 until we moved I was into competive swimming and I rocked. I even qualified for the State meets 3 years in a row. Swimming was my one true love. I can't do any other sports.
2) I have the bad luck to not be able to swallow if I have to laugh. More times that I can count I have spewed soda all over. One of those times was at the Christmas dinner table at grandma's house. I was 7.
3) I can move my pinky toe completely separate from the rest of my foot. I have not found anyone else who can do that.
4) When I was in high school, I worked at the local greenhouse. I accidentally hit the wrong buttom on the register and over charged my own grandma by $150. She didn't notice right away and I didn't notice until I closed up and came across the copy recipt by chance. I had to go to the owner's house in person and explain what I did and ask for the money back, hoping it wouldn't have to come out of my paycheck. And then I had to explain everything to my grandma, who was very relieved. It is my most embarrassing monent and still huants me.
5) I love shrimp. Espsecially chilled cocktail shrimp dipped in sour cream. Yum, I can taste it now.
6) My pinky fingers are bent at a 45 degree angle at the top knuckle. It isn't painful and it doesn't interfer with my normal activities. It is a genetic thing.

The little old lady that lives next door just stopped by to give us a dish of potato salad that she made up just for us because we like it. She didn't just put some in a cool whip container. She put garnish and eggs cut up pretty on top and sprinkled the top with paprika. She is so nice.



Laura said...

Hey Stephanie, thanks for the birthday wishes! My pinky fingers are bent too! Not sure about the degree of angle but the bones are fused so they don't straighten out. I can still type and do everything normal with them though. I just wouldn't be hired as a hand model LOL. Nice to know I'm not alone! :)

chelle said...

hehe I love sales too!
(I did that meme already!!)

Wenchy said...

Who doesn't like sales! LOL

Melany said...

I hope you enjoyed the talk :)

Marz said...

Gotta love the sales.
Hope your seminar/presentation was informative.

Wenchy said...

I need an old lady next door!!!!!!

sunshine scribe said...

I have the same pinky toe talent :)