Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Long Weekend

* I feel the need for pretext here. Gabriel is a union sheet metal worker. For those of you unfamilliar to the union, it means that he works for the union, not a spesific employer. When an employer needs workers he hires off the unions unemployed listing in order. When an employer lets you go because work is slow, you go on the unemployed list. In this way all union employees are garrenteed a job. Gabriel really likes the contractor he is working for now. And they really like him. Most sheet metal contractors treat their employees like shit. But he gets respect here. *

Well Gabriel has today off again. The job that he has been working on was behind originally. So they brought more guys in and worked longer hours. Now they are caught up and are dwiddling their thumbs until the other contractors are caught up. Gabriel said that he probably won't be going back to this jobsite, so hopefully they will need him in the shop on Monday. Or else we go on unemployment and wait. Oh, I hate that. Gabriel is a doer. He cannot relax and treat it like a vacation. He gets so itchy sitting at home even if he is busy. It drives me nuts. Being on an unemployment check is stressful too. It pretty much cuts our weekly income in half. We are already tight. Bills, bills, bills...

Mark was such a good helper yesterday for shopping. He didn't get cranky or whiny. He did as he was told. He just sat in the cart and examined things like carrots, rice, tomatoe soup, and mac and cheese. He was so happy that daddy was home yesterday. He played games with the both of us. He is so cute. He has figured out how to start games. Like hide and seek or peekaboo or chase and tickle. He taunts us until we tickle him. Silly boy. Right now he is dancing to a commercial that has In-a-godda-da-vidda playing.

Playing with the HTML worked better yesterday. I used inline CSS whic confused me much less than an embedded style. I was getting stuff to show on IE. It was so exciting. The only thing is when I closed everything down, Notepad reverted back to it's first save. It is no big deal because it was just practice. But I am sure what happened.

I have started a new book last night. "Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner. I am on page 100 so far. It follows 3 women's journey through new motherhood.



chelle said...

Wow that must be stressful! I will be rooting for you!
I love when becca is helpful rather than cranky...makes all the difference in the world!

Marz said...

I am also lucky that way, Nate is very helpful & good at the store so it makes life a lot easier.

Hope Gabriel goes back to work on monday. It can be very stressful (my dh has been off work for 5 months without income)

Melany said...

Enjoy that book!
I hope that he won't have to go onto the unemployment list

Wenchy said...


Are you enjoying the book?