Friday, March 10, 2006

Update on Fears

The doctor said everything was fine. After poking and proding arround in there (Don't you hate that?! I could go the rest of my life without another pap smear.) he said that the cervix is closed and the cerclage is in place yet. I think he did the test for amniotic fliud, but he said that my waters weren't leaking. And the baby sounded fine and my vitals were good.
But poor Mark. He normally LOVES going to the doctor, whether or not it is his appointment. He loves the doctors and playing with those beaded tabletops and exploring the exam rooms. But he did not want me to put him down this time. He finally agreed to stop clinging my neck once the nurse left so I could undress. But once I was up on the table and the doctor came in, Mark started crying and quivering. The nurse just scooped him up and left the room, which made things worse. I couldn't concentrate because I could hear him crying for me down the hall. Once the doctor was finished, the nurse brought him back in and he just clung to me. As most 1yr olds are, he does not like to stay still especially in my lap. But he just wanted to hug me.
I was soooooooooo nervous about this visit, and I was so happy that everything was OK. So as we were leaving I stopped at the coffee shop on the first floor of the clinic for a treat. I got a milky way mocha supposedly flavored with vanilla and carmel. I used to die for coffee house coffee. I haven't had any in literaly years. It was so much stronger than I remembered it. Gabriel would die if he found out that I paid almost $4 for a cup of coffee. We won't tell him!
Last night I gave Mark a bath. He loves bathes. He just figured out how to vigorously splash. So I sat on the floor next to the tub reading Parents magazine while he played for a bit. I look up to find him drinking the bath water by the cupful from his rinse cup. He can't drink juice or milk from a cup without choking or spilling. But he can guzzle down bath water. What a kid! After I got him cleaned and dressed, I gave him his first haircut. I did trim his bangs once before but just a few wisps that were in his face. This time I retrimmed his bangs and had to trim arround his ears because he was looking like the shaggy dog. I got a few locks about an inch and a half long to put away in his baby book.

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