Tuesday, March 28, 2006

She's Funny That Way Part 1

So I mentioned that Generation Xhausted was hosting a contest and there were a couple of great gals that never fail to make me LMAO. Thus I present to you nominee #1. You can call her Wenchy.

Da Wench always makes everything that is bleak and unhappy, funny and something to talk about. If you haven't visited her yet, GO. Do so right now. Well, I guess you can finish reading this first. Like today's post was all her funeral wishes.

"...no life support for me either. Pull the plug. Let me go. Don't let me hang around looking unsexy with a pipe in my mouth only to wake up and not remember who you are. I can't laugh with things in my mouth anyway.
...my ashes are to be scattered in Africa at the Uvongo lagoon where the waters are forever deep. Knowing me the wind will blow wildly so please do breathe through your mouth unless you wanna inhale some of me.
If I die at the side of the road, feel free to put flowers. If I can make a wee request.. yellow roses and sunflowers. A statue of rememberance would also be acceptable. Basically be very morbid and depressed.
...please do be very sad. Perhaps colour co-ordinated tissues may be handed out. I like that sorta thing."

She truely does bring out the best in things and makes me smile everyday. That is why I wanted to nominate her.


Melany said...

This is my best friend!!! Her blog is VERY funny

Wenchy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Thank you.

I declare myself to be fabulous now!!!!