Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bloghopping and Bloggers Anonymous

Good news. Gabriel doesn't have to go on unemployment. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. The company that he works for now will take him back in 2 weeks and for those 2 weeks he will be working at the company that indentured him as an apprentice. He doesn't really like working for them, but the foreman said that he would always have room for Gabriel. That made his day just to know that he had some appretiation from former bosses. And both contractors are in Wausau. So he doesn't have to travel more than 13 minutes to work. The contractor that he is working for on Monday is less than 5 minutes away. It is just down the road. Plus his hours will be 7 - 3:30 so we can sleep in until 6:30!!!

Last night I was blog hopping until 11pm! Yes, I stayed up that late. I found a few blogs that I added to my blogroll. Speaking of that, I changed my links to Bloglines. I was not sure how Bloglines worked so I was a little nervous to try it. But having them tell me which blogs have updated and which haven't will save so much time.

Seeing all the creativity and impressive layouts that some blogs have makes me so jealous. Some blogs are so organized. Until I can figure out coding enough to make my own layout, I am stuck with the one sidebar. I feel like it is so garbled and unorganized. *sigh* I was really impressed with some people's ingenuity though.

Is it just me or do Canadians (or former Canadians ;) make the best bloggers. I think that half of my blogroll is Canadian bloggers. And despite urban legend, not one of them uses the phrase 'eh?' . Not to out shine my South African friends. You guys rock too. ;)

Ok, now this is way out in left field, but I discovered last night that I have developed the pregnant torpedo nipples. The ones that stick out 2 in with a bra on. *sigh* I will just have to be careful not to poke out someone's eye.

Also, I need to join Bloggers Anonymous or something. I have to full blown blogger symptoms. Like my husband will say something and I will think "I am so going to blog about that." (incidentally, he was the one to mention the torpedo nipples.) And while I am trying to fall asleep, I run through what I am going to blog about tomorrow. There has got to be a 12 step program for this because I am in denial. I don't think I have a problem. Although the dreaming about blogging is a tad weird.

Oh, I almost forgot. My husband also thinks that I have OCD, because I CANNOT get into bed without straightening the sheets and blanket. It is true, I have to before I climb in.

I have to get my house in order because my in-laws are coming over tomorrow. I am going to make a beef vegetable soup recipe for a slow cooker. Any ideas for a good side?



chelle said...

LMAO!! Great post! As a Canadian I thank you! I do type eh once in a while, and it is not as crazily used as some might think!!
I totally think about blogging all day, it is crazy, but us moms need something to stir the brain juices!

HeatherJ said...

I too have become addicted to blogging. I get on the computer even right after my kids are asleep. I don't update my blog everyday, but I do leave comments on other folks blogs many times.

Yay about your husband not having to go on unemployment. I work in construction management so I totally understand about how those projects work and bouncing around from trade to trade. Thanks for linking to me, I will put you on my list.