Friday, March 10, 2006

Glitz and Glam

Tomorrow night is the Oscars, and everyone knows that it has nothing to do with awards or honors. It's the outfits, baby. So, typical me, I waited til the last minute to pick out what to wear. Oh, what to wear. First, I have to go with Vera Wang. I mean come on, who does like Vera Wang? This full length evening gown is in ebony satin with a lace trim v-neck and grosgain ribbon straps. The slit front gathers into a pleated front seam with tucks along the waist and also has a fishtail hem. Sleek, sexy, elegant, timeless. Retail value: $600

Then one cannot go out on the red carpet without donning Jimmy Choo's. I had a hard time deciding, sandles or slingbacks. Satin or ribbon or jewels. In the end I went with a pair of 4 in stelleto sandals in black satin adorned with 10 large stones each. Mmm, shoes. Retail value: $650

An outfit is never complete without the ice. And nobody does ice better than Tiffany's, of course. The jewelry is a hard choice. It has to stand out and say 'Hey, everybody check out my bling.' Without out doing the rest of the outfit. So, I went with Tiffany Lace single row drop necklace with 5 carots of round diamonds, 60 4MM cultered pearls set in platinum. Retail value: a mere $25,000

And the earings to match. Also Tiffany Lace with .2 carots of round diamonds, 2 7MM cultured pearls set in platinum. Retail value: $2200

Grand Total

Dress ---------- $600

Shoes ---------- $650

Necklace --- $25,000

Earings ------- $2200

Total ---- $28,450

Seeing my husband get the Mastercard bill. ----- Priceless.

Not a bad get up to watch the Oscars in at home!

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