Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why does it feel like Saturday?

Gabriel has the rest of the week off. The job isn't finished, but they are waiting on a shipment of something. So we stayed up late last night and slept in. Mark woke up at 3 am and was whimpering or grunting, but not crying, so I left him. He feel back asleep after a while, but woke me up again at 4:45 am doing the same thing. I decided to go get him and see what was up. He cried when he heard me coming, but he wasn't scared or upset. If anything, he was wide awake and wanted to play. He didn't want to rock, he wanted to jump in my lap. So after I convinced him to cuddle and suck his thumb for awhile, I laid him back down to which he objected. After about 5 minutes of that he went back to sleep. It was like he just decided that it was time to get up.

And then I slept in until 8:45! I was planning on sleeping in but getting Mark up no later than 8. I was afraid that he went down for a nap already. But no. He was laying on his back singing to the ceiling.

I am feeling so tired lately. The head cold is OK as long as I remember to take Benadryll. I had to cut my dose in half, because it was making me too loopy. Yesterday I was so tired and drowsy that I felt like I was swimming, and yet felt so jittery and knotted inside like I had WAY TOO MUCH coffee. I hate that feeling. I would take alcohol over Benadryll anyday. :P

It will be nice to have Gabriel around for a long weekend. We can get caught up on the little projects that have lingered. Like finishing our taxes! We had them ready to mail a month ago already. But as Gabriel was fold them up, he noticed a mistake in the State. So before we send everything out, he wants to double check Federal. But he has been working so much that we haven't gotten to it.

Also Gabriel has spent the last few weekends building me these shelves, so I can unpack 'storage' stuff in the basement. Mainly books, but we also have baby stuff and other clutter. They are really big and sturdy. I will have to get pics up to show you. We want to see if Steven, BIL, wants to come over Saturday and help rearrange furniture and level the bookshelves.

OK, I have pretty much just wrote about boring stuff today. Hopefully better stuff later. :) TTFN


chelle said...

I love those catch up days when you get all the pending stuff done!!

Momma Bee said...

Hey Stephanie! I haven't had much time for the blogs lately, so I was just catching up...CONGRATS on having a girl! Girls are wonderful, and I'm sure you are starting to get excited about your little girl as the news is sinking in. I'm so happy for you!! Enjoy the long weekend with your hubby!