Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Misc things about yesterday

Yesterday was spent taking it easy after my day of hard work in the basement. I have been having hard uncomfortable contractions for the past 4 or 5 days, but didn't pay a whole lot of attention because you are supposed to have some off and on. But yesterday I was starting to worry because when I lost Daniel, for about 3 days before I was having irregular cramps and contractions and dismissed them. This time I wasn't having pain or cramps, just strong contractions. So I called the phone nurse. We came to the conclusion that they aren't worrysome unless they are regular in timing or I am having more than 2 or 3 an hour. Or I have pain, cramping, spotting, ect. She decided that my utrerus was unhappy and rebelling because I was probably dehydrated, and was I drinking enough? Ha! No, I don't drink enough water. I know it. But also I have been on Benadryll for the past week. Could that have anything to do with it? Probably. BTW, I am feeling better and off the Benadryll. At least until we see what Mother Nature sends me with allergies.

Mark is such a cutie pie. I have been trying to call him that instead of my baby boy or my baby. Since there will be a new baby soon and I don't want to confuse him.

Does he look like a girl? Everytime we go out, everyone compliments me on what a beautiful girl I have and pretty she is. How do I come back from that? I really don't have a personal relationship with the cashier at Target so I am not going to get into a 5 minute polite discussion on correcting her. But it is not just once or twice. EVERYONE does it. I know his hair is getting long, but it isn't that long. And I dress him in boys clothes. It's not like he goes out in pink tutus. What do I say to these people? Do I say anything or just leave it?

I think I am ready to try to start typing up my own template code. I have a downloaded graphics program to make personalized headers and things also. It is coming slowly but surely. The HTML is pretty straight forward, but the CSS is a little comfusing. I have been going over the same tutorials again and again, but I think the only way to learn now is hands on and see if what I write works. If you use a graphics program (like hint, hint, Chelle), what program do you use? I have Photoplus by Serif. Is that any good? Is there something better, or at least for free?



Marz said...

Awww... Mark is a cutie!! and I don't think he looks like a girl at all.
If it bothers you then maybe politely when they say "what a cute girl" just say "boy, cute boy" or something like that? But if it really doesn't bother you, like you say, with a cashier @ Target then let her think whatever she wants. Frustrating, I know.

chelle said...

LOL! Trade ya! Becca has always been referred to as a boy!! Even when she wears pink, has hair in pigtails!! Crazy people. I think he is an adorable baby boy!

Melany said...

Just take it as a huge compliment. He is so handsome he could be a girl kinda thing. With my eldest people used to do that as well, compliment me on my girl. I would just say "yes, he is so gorgeous, he could have been a girl" and leave it at that.

Leigh said...

How cute, what a bright smile. I don't think your son looks like a girl at all.