Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekly Groceries

Today Mark and I did our weekly grocery shopping. Mark was actually very good. Except for when he grabbed a jar of baby food and threw it over the side of the cart. I almost lost it right there. Instead I held my breath and did the pregnant belly shuffle as I bent down to pick it up. At least it didn't break. I can't keep him from reaching stuff in the cart. I don't know how he reaches it but he does. He doesn't crawl out of his seat. And I enforce the sit-on-your-butt rule. I did lose it a few weeks ago when Mark started scattering strawberries that I was in the process of paying for.

One of the stores hands out balloons weighted with suckers. Mark knows that when we go there it means a balloon. I have learned my lesson and cut the sucker off right away. It doesn't matter if I tie it out of sight, he knows it is there and finds it. Balloon is one of the words that he knows to mean a certain thing and actually says. It comes out Booo or Booons. Today we walked in and he said, "Booons! Booons!"

My husband doesn't know how good he has it. Well maybe he does know, but he still has it good. I get up with him, make his lunch and coffee, gather his stuff for work, and make sure he leaves on time every morning. I had been just going back to bed after he leaves, but now I decided to just stay up and go on-line right away. Now that I am getting over the overtired part of pregnancy (finally) I am more allert in the mornings. This means I now am out of bed by 5:30 AM. Gabriel leaves for work at 6. Mark is up sometime after 7, unless it is a clear and sunny morning, then he is up at sunrise. Before I would go back to bed at 6, not fall asleep for awhile and force myself out of bed at 8 - 8:30 because I feel guilty for making Mark stay in bed. However sometimes Gabriel works 10 hour shifts and leaves at 5 AM. Then I go back to bed. I am sorry, but I am not getting up for the day at 4:30!

Does anyone have any HTML tips or ideas for me? I am dabbling in designing a new blog at blogspot, but I want to make sure I can handle the amount of coding I want to do before I decide to move. I know some tags, but mostly just I have just copied and pasted stuff. If I can get this to work, I will be so happy with more freedom. However if it is going to be way over my head, I might as well stay here.

Oooo. I almost forgot. I set up my on-line shoe closet. See it here. The layout isn't very good yet. But as I expand the collection, I hope to get more pages and make it look nicer. Shoe of the day:

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