Monday, March 13, 2006

My really crappy day

Yesterday went better, actually, after my rant. Mark took a nap that lasted almost 4 hours! Then he was pretty happy until bedtime. I had a lazy day and did nothing. Really not a bad day.

But last night, about 2 hours after dinner, I kept puked my guts out. I couldn't even keep water down. My belly is still sore this morning from the heaving. I am 4 lbs lighter. I had some water and a rice cake early this morning, which eventually decided to stay down. At 9am I had a craving for Fruity Pebbles and had a bowl of them. They seem to be staying down OK so far. I am not sure if I want to hit the treadmill or not. I don't want to get off my schedule, but I also don't want to puke. I kind of feel like I have a head cold too.

It is a crappy day outside too, which never helps my attitude. After spring is finally coming, we had a sleet/snow/ice storm that howled and blew all night. It is dark even now and ice keeps pelting the windows. It is cold from the wind. There is no visiblity. It is just bleak.

Before breakfast, as I am trying to watch the local weather through my swollen eyes, Mark comes up to me and hands me a coupon. I look over and he had my wallet emptied and scattered acroos the floor. I have no idea how he reached it. But there are easily 100 to 150 coupons in my wallet that were at one time sorted and organized. At least he didn't pull out the plastic cards! Or eat anything. It is all still in a pile on the table. I don't want to put it away. I don't want to clean the kitchen and do the dishes. I don't want to do the laundry. I don't want to let out the neighbors stupid dog while they are in stupid Florida.

I'm sorry that I am so bitchy. I have been having very the-world-is-all-dark-and-full-of-crap posts lately and I am sorry. I don't want people to get tired of me, I have just not been in a very happy place the past couple of days. Maybe I am getting a cold or the stomac flu. Who knows. Can you get PMS while you are pregnant?



Marz said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. We're all entitled to those days plus being sick doesn't help I'm sure.
Hope you're feeling better soon & hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Ashley said...

Sound like a plan to be grumpy

Melany said...

No one would feel very happy if they were sick. HUGS

Stephanie said...

Thanks, I think I am sick. I'm with you Ashley.