Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whose brain did you get? Why, Abby's. Abby Normal's.

My baby brain has officially kicked into high gear. My apologies to all those reading this blog who walk away thinking, 'what the heck?'. *sigh* My brain is swimming in a fog that won't clear. It goes something like this:

Stage 1: You are talking normally to someone when you stop and realize that the thought driving your speech is gone. Midsentence. Usually I have nothing else to say except, "What were we talking about?"

Stage 2: You can actually remember the topic and line of thought but entire words and phrases have been deleted from memory.
ME: Mark did such and such today. He was so cute. He acted grown up. It was just so................... Um. Um. Um. What is the word? You know when someone does something you really like?
HIM: Helpful?
ME: No. It begins with a vowel.
HIM: Exciting?
ME: No. It sounds kinda like acruable but it isn't acruable.
At which point I forget the sentence that the word-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue was supposed to be in. Until 3 hours later...
ME: Adorable!
HIM: What?
ME: Mark is adorable.
HIM: Of course he is. (Slightly confused)

Stage 3: There is no more organization in my thoughts. The file cabinet that is my brain has been ransacked and the folders are strewn about. Hey! There are the lyrics for "Boot Scootin' Boogie".

Stage 4: Accompanying the lack of brain function is lack of... What was I talking about again?

Stage 5: You feel like you are on double doses of Benadryll.

Stage 6: Things totally make sense in my mind, but take a detour through the blender before hitting my mouth.
ME (thinking): I can't wait for Spring. I want to plant flowers so badly. I want everything to be fresh and green.
ME (talking): What time is Spring? Lets go plant flowers green now so it's fresh.

Stage 7: I stutter and stumble over words. I mispronounce things. I use the wrong words in the wrong places. I misspell things. Be very glad that Blogger has spell check.

Stage 8: I walk downstairs into the basement pantry and think, "Why am I in the pantry?". When I get back upstairs, I remember that I was getting a can of soup. After I get the can of soup and heat it up, I remember that I needed to throw the laundry in the drier and the soup was a secondary reason to go downstairs.

Stage 9: You watch the morning news and the afternoon news and the evening news and the late news solely for the purpose of finding out what day it is.

Stage 10: Pray for the delivery date to hurry up. At least then you can't remember anything from a lack of sleep and food. Not from a lack of higher brain function.

All of the above is true and have actually happened and/or are happening to me. Just ask my husband, the poor guy. He has to live with a toddler and me.



Mammawannabe said...

Way too funny!!! I hate to break it to you, but I don't think this kind of brain stress goes away with time. I think it gets worse!!!

Marz said...

I agree. I think it just gets worse. Once pregnancy brain goes away, mommy brain kicks in,lol!

Momma Bee said...

Yay! I'm caught up! (If you use sitemeter, you were not being stalked today, it was just me trying to catch up while also doing work and juggling the baby bee.)

I totally still have baby brain, it's just transformed into mommy brain! Never will it be the same again...

chelle said...

I agree...Mommy brain is just as bad, I wonder does it multiply with every child? lol!

Shelley said...

And then there's "mom-of-teenagers" brain. I've given up trying to remember their names, and just snap my fingers and say "You. The one with the long hair. Where's my stapler?"

Melany said...

LOL Very true and since I'm in the sleep deprived state I know just what you are talking about

Mammawannabe said...

Crap. You all just validated what I said. Now I KNOW there's no hope for it to get better! It's gotten to the point where I can actually hear the brains cells scream "AIEEEEEEEE!!!" as they leap from my ears.

I gotta go sign up for some Memory Meds now.