Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's a WHAT?!?!

It's a girl! A girl... Where did that come from? Orginally I wanted a girl, but to avoid to disappointment of last time I convinced myself that it was a boy. And then I got excited about a boy. We were going to name him Alexander and since he and Mark would be less than 18 monthes apart they would be best buddies. I pictured the 2 boys playing in the sand box. And it's a.......Girl. Even Gabriel said "A girl, how did that happen?" It is amazing how suprising finding out the gender is. You only have 2 options. It not going to be an owl.

The original girl name we picked out was Abbigail Rose,
but I am not so hot about that name currently. I mentioned
that to Gabriel, and he just pouted "but I love that name. We agreed. You can't change it now." I don't know yet.

Everything is fine. The placenta is high. My vitals are good. The baby's organs are good. She has all 4 heart chambers. Good blood flow, all that stuff. She was being a bugger though. She was laying on her belly and wouldn't roll over, so we had a hard time seeing some things. The lady checked 3 times though and said that it definitly was a girl.

It turns out that I have a stomach flu or something like that. I feel like my spring allergies have kicked in already. My eyes and sinuses are swollen, I am blowing my nose a million times aday, and my head feels twice the size it should be. So the Dr told me I could take Benadryll. I am drowsy and high off the meds.

This will brighten your day. I saw your typical older man about 80 yrs or so climb into his truck just as I was leaving the parking lot. He had a bumper sticker on his tailgate that said 'Rock 'n Roll Forever'. That is pretty cool.



Leigh said...

Congratulations on having a girl. Girls are sweet and they have the cutest clothes in the stores.

chelle said...

Awwww COngrats GIRL!!! That is so awesome and those pictures are amazing!!!
Sorry you do not feel well...hope you feel better soon!
ps there are definitely cute clothes for girls!!

Miracles & Dreams said...


I thought Orion was a girl till the big u/s and he was a proud boy too...

Melany said...

Congratulations to you!!! I did the same thing with every pregnancy - hoping for a boy (as not to be disappointed), and now I have three :)

Marz said...

Oh my!! How exciting!! A girl!! congratulations!!
the reasons why you wanted a boy were/are exactly why i want 2 boys too but having a girl is so super exciting!!
Congrats again!!

Ashley said...

Congrats! That is a pretty name you picked out for her!